Why is luggage customization the best business gift for May 1-1 -? Pesin Outdoor Products Compa

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Every May Day holiday, business contacts between enterprises and employee benefits will push the gift market to a small climax. This year's May Day is the first small holiday after the end of the Spring Festival. Corporate business activities are frequent at this time. Which gifts of this year's May Day gifts are favored? The giant of luggage and gift customization industry shows that the luggage and gift customization industry has gradually covered the gift market in recent years and will become a new star in the May Day gift customization industry market this year, what is the characteristic of customized gifts for bags? 1. Common but practical bags have sacks and sachets in ancient and modern times, and are rarely used for luggage storage. In modern times, luggage cloth covers every point of life and is classified from use in storage, such as folding travel bags, medical bags, electronic kits and other special industry bags. There are also classifications starting from styles and styles, such as punk rivet backpacks and three-dimensional business people backpacks in recent years, and PC luggage case customization for cartoon characters that have become explosive trends. Luggage is not only common in our life, helping every corner of life, but also becoming a representative of the trend. 2. The quality assurance cost is low, and enterprises choose business gifts, usually because of important customers and choose expensive gifts, such as white jade, mahogany tea sets and so on. However, these expensive gifts are a large expense for the enterprise. It is naturally good to get the corresponding return, but in case the customer is disgusted, this is extremely counter-productive. The reason why the luggage audience loves him is that he only needs to change the style, and choosing the luggage style and superior quality assurance that are popular among white-collar workers can please the customers, it also enables customers to use it in their lives. The practicality and the sense of grade are side by side, making customers happy and saving the company. 3. The popularity of the brand publicity luggage customization industry lies in the benefits after giving away. This benefit is the Brand Promotion power promoted by the travel of customers, and the credit basically comes from the small brand logo printing on the luggage. However, this driving force is because the customer is satisfied with this gift and carries it with him, giving outsiders more opportunities to see the brand logo and giving customers more impression of the company in the future. The charm of luggage customization I believe you and I are amazed at this article. A small luggage can contain such wonderful business opportunities. Cost-saving and high-interest luggage customization is a favorite gift customization for every enterprise.
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