Why do mobile phone electronics industry promotional gifts favor luggage customization? | Luggage customization common sense | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ pull?

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-08
The electronic industry is currently the most thorough field of globalization and marketization. Therefore, entrepreneurs must pay close attention to the instant changes of the market with keen eyes, and the mobile phone industry is even more prosperous, therefore, merchants have made great efforts to retain this consumer group and attract more consumer groups, but not all of them have obvious results. According to recent media reports, Lien Chan, honorary chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang and chairman of the cross-Strait peace Development Foundation, was given two millet mobile phones of mainland Chinese brands when he met with Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Guo Jinlong at noon on the 18th, the back of the phone is printed'Cross-Strait joint efforts to earn money from the World'9 words. This is undoubtedly a valuable Super advertisement for Xiaomi mobile phone. Compared with the same industry, this opportunity is not for everyone. Therefore, we can only start from the reality and pay attention to the consumers themselves. Therefore, in terms of promotional items, we will pay attention to more and more people working hard on practicality, such as shopping bags, backpacks, waist bags and other bag products are popular. Then the bag is given as a promotional item, why is it attractive, what are the characteristics? First of all, bags are widely used and have strong practicability. At work, office workers usually use business computer backpacks, briefcases, business small satchels, and boarding luggage cases when traveling; Life is big to trolley case, small to card wallet, outdoor travel to use leisure travel bags, outdoor mountaineering bags, pockets and so on. Girls go shopping, but also the bag. Secondly, the luggage is more practical, so it has wide spread. The purpose of promotional advertising is to let more people see and pay attention to your brand, your enterprise and your culture. So when more and more people pay attention to you, this really receives the promotion effect. At the same time, it also has uniqueness and novelty. Customized bags not only have practical performance, but also bring wide use and dissemination. At the same time, this customized mode can endow products with many novelty and uniqueness, which can be fashionable styles, functions, etc. At the same time, it can also load the advertising elements of electronic products or the cultural elements of the enterprise itself, so the customized luggage gifts are strictly selected by the customized enterprise from the materials and models of the luggage, and are carefully designed by the luggage designer, the samples produced are printed with the specific logo logo or corporate culture slogan of the enterprise, which not only conforms to the identity and status of the enterprise, but also has the temperament and culture of the enterprise and is unique. Therefore, customized luggage gifts are creative, novel and unique. With custom bags for promotion, many companies have long received extraordinary results in this regard. Like the market, we have seen HP (HP)Pull rod backpack, Dell (DELL) Computer backpack, TCL computer business leisure bag. However, in order to achieve the desired results, we still need to make an analysis and a promotion budget according to the positioning of our consumer groups in the terminal market, and then find an experienced professional luggage customization manufacturer to design, it is best to design, proofing, production, and distribution of integrated enterprises, saving time and effort and cost. In the end, we will definitely receive good product response. This may be the reason why luggage customization has been favored by more and more electronic products enterprises in recent years.
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