Which manufacturer is good for outdoor backpack customization -? Pesin luggage

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
Nowadays, more and more people are keen on outdoor activities. In order to successfully complete outdoor activities, an outdoor backpack that can hold the required items is indispensable, and the backpack is more portable than the box, more conducive to outdoor activities. The professional outdoor backpack is very strict in both design and quality requirements. Therefore, when customizing outdoor backpacks, enterprise groups should pay attention to the choice of manufacturers, the quality of products made by manufacturers with excellent technology is relatively excellent. So, which manufacturer is better for outdoor backpack customization? Let's take a look at the introduction of Pesin Outdoor Products Company. If you want to know which outdoor backpack customization is good, you must first understand the strength of the manufacturer, and if you want to know the strength of the manufacturer, the following points cannot be ignored: 1. The functional design of the outdoor backpack by the manufacturer. The functionality of the outdoor backpack is relatively strong. Whether the functional design is reasonable is directly related to the practicability of the outdoor backpack. If the manufacturer does not understand the relevant performance of the outdoor backpack, then the designed outdoor backpack is not very practical, and it is not a qualified outdoor backpack. Therefore, how can the manufacturer directly see the design ability of the outdoor backpack, customized outdoor backpacks, the design strength of manufacturers is very important. 2. Pay attention to the scale of the manufacturer, customize the outdoor backpack manufacturer, and customize a professional outdoor backpack. First of all, it is necessary to have a professional luggage design team to personalize the design for the enterprise, and reasonable design of outdoor backpack drawings; The scale of the plant determines the level of proofing and the production speed of large goods. For example, the Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom factory has a total plant area of about 6000 m² square meters and employs more than 200 people. It is produced by advanced computer assembly line, high degree of modern equipment; Pesin Outdoor Products Company is different from other Outdoor backpack manufacturers in that the board room of Pesin Outdoor Products Company is an independent department, which is specially designed for enterprises to make samples by hand and has a high production level, the sample is produced faster than the manufacturer of the factory that also has a board room. 3, pay attention to the quality of the sample, the Enterprise Group outdoor travel custom outdoor backpack, you can find several outdoor backpack manufacturers on the Internet, and the manufacturers are required to send outdoor backpack samples according to requirements. On the outdoor backpack sample, we need to check whether the material of the outdoor backpack is consistent with what we said, whether it is tear-resistant and waterproof, which are the necessary foundations for custom-made outdoor backpacks. Enterprises can use keys to carry out scratch tests and waterproof tests with water to ensure that the basic requirements are met. In the process, the enterprise needs to check the suture of the bag body, the stress degree of the shoulder strap/handle and the suture of the lining. The material for general outdoor backpacks is 420D- 1000D waterproof nylon material, nylon material feels flexible, concave grain with density (D) The bigger, the more obvious the concavo-convex feeling, and the higher the density, the better the wear resistance. Enterprises can choose according to their desired effect, or they can choose nylon of about 600D, with better wear resistance and slightly moderate price. Professionalism comes from concentration. For more than ten years, Pesin has only customized bags. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has a perfect independent research and development system and has also established a professional production quality control system, in the OEM of luggage products, ODM and personalized customization business of enterprise groups, it has won the trust and support of many customers and is an outdoor backpack customization manufacturer worthy of your cooperation.
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