Which is the best Quanzhou air box manufacturer -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization factory

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-02
Traditional wooden luggage transportation cannot solve the long-distance transportation of some high-tech products. In response to this drawback, an indestructible air box is produced. The air box is made up of relatively hard multi-layer plywood with ABS fire-proof board nailed, and each side of the box adopts aluminum alloy profiles with certain thickness and strength, each corner of the box body is connected and fixed with high-strength metal spherical wrap angle and alloy aluminum edge and splint, and the bottom of the box body is combined with Pu wheel with extremely strong bearing capacity and wear resistance. The materials of customized air boxes need diversification and quality, and the pursuit of technology needs more refinement and professionalism. The quality of the air box determines the transportation safety of the goods. If you want to customize the air box, please be sure to choose a professional air box manufacturer. Which is the best Quanzhou air box manufacturer? A model of Quanzhou air box manufacturers Quanzhou air box manufacturers which is the best? The first key is to choose from the customized process of the air box. First of all, we need to check the appearance of the sample of the air box customization manufacturer, and check whether the surface of the box shell is smooth and free of scars from his air box sample; The check box is smooth, without rough edges and corners, and then check whether the package is firm. Another test is whether the wheels of the air box are smooth and flexible, and whether the steering ability is strong. Good and bad wheels are very important. Multi-row wheels and rubber wheels should be selected, due to brutal loading and unloading on the plane, it is easy to damage the wheels; The most important thing is to check the lock of the box, whether the lock head is closely connected with the box body, and whether the key is easy to insert and take. The last step is the internal structure of the air box. The air box body can be installed with a partition according to the characteristics of the product, and the inner side of the box body and the partition are attached with a relatively soft EVA composite solid pull back material, the material shall have the functions of light weight, heat preservation, shock prevention, moisture prevention, flame prevention, oxidation resistance and sealing. Second, the precipitation of Quanzhou air box manufacturers, from the model of the air box, we can judge the production strength of the air box customization manufacturer, and then we will fundamentally consider the professionalism of the manufacturer. To consider an air box customization manufacturer, first of all, from his customization strength, a professional aviation customization manufacturer should have the professional customization ability of independent design and research, independent sales and production, for example, Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a luggage manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production, processing and sales for more than ten years. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been committed to the service of luggage customization industry. It has been more than ten years since its establishment. The total area of the factory is about 6000 m² square meters, with more than 200 employees. It is produced by advanced computer assembly line and has high degree of modern equipment, it is one of the best air box manufacturers in Quanzhou. Summary: enterprises can refer to the above two points when choosing customized air boxes. In addition, attention should be paid to the size of luggage in the air box according to different situations, but the air box should not be larger than 21 inch, otherwise it cannot be striped, it must be checked.
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