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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
More and more people go outdoors after work, and even business groups are involved in the embrace of nature. For outdoor travel, the professionalism of outdoor backpacks cannot be ignored. Compared with boxes, they are more convenient to carry. Compared with ordinary backpacks, they have larger capacity and harder quality. Because he is in the wild, the design and quality of the backpack must be very professional. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor backpack manufacturer, the enterprise group must understand the outdoor backpack and dig deep into its factory, which outdoor backpack is better? 1. Look at the material technology of outdoor backpacks, enterprise groups can find several outdoor backpack manufacturers on the internet and send outdoor backpack samples according to requirements. On the outdoor backpack sample, we need to check whether the material of the customized outdoor backpack is selected according to our requirements, whether the outdoor backpack is tear-resistant and waterproof, these two are the basis for custom-made outdoor backpacks. Enterprises can use keys to carry out scratch tests and waterproof tests with water to ensure that the basic requirements are met. In the process, the enterprise needs to check the suture of the bag body, the stress degree of the shoulder strap/handle and the suture of the lining. In the process, the enterprise can judge the workmanship of the manufacturer, and the material can choose the material used for the general outdoor backpack, the material is 420D-1000D waterproof nylon material is a little more. Nylon material feels flexible, concave grain with density (D) The bigger, the more obvious the concavo-convex feeling, and the higher the density, the better the wear resistance. Enterprises can choose according to their desired effect, or they can choose nylon of about 600D, with better wear resistance and slightly moderate price. 2. Look at the functional design of outdoor backpacks, and customize the second element of outdoor backpacks: functional design. The main function of outdoor backpacks lies in the design of storage and carrying system. The storage of outdoor backpacks is classified by ascending degree, and the ascending degree of commonly used outdoor backpacks is 36-42L, boys adapt to 40L- 42L, while girls are small in size and can only adapt to 40L at most, so enterprises can choose 40L as this group gift moderately. 40L is suitable for single travel and can store 1- 3 days of travel supplies, and outdoor backpack storage with waterproof cover, shoe bag, mountaineering pole storage and sleeping bag storage is the best outdoor backpack design. The carrying system of outdoor backpacks is more humanized than ordinary backpacks. The Belt and shoulder strap of the customized outdoor backpack must be adjusted according to the height, waist circumference and other aspects of the backpack, so that it can match your body. The shoulder strap adjustment buckle and the belt adjustment buckle should be flexible and stable in the body shape, so that the carrier can move freely. In addition, the back width also needs to have a size adjustment plate, which can adjust the appropriate size according to its own body plate, and the sizes are XL, L, M and S respectively. 3. Look at the service of outdoor backpack manufacturers, customize outdoor backpack manufacturers, customize a professional outdoor backpack first is to have a professional luggage design team, personalized design for the enterprise, and reasonable design of outdoor backpack drawings; The scale of the plant determines the level of proofing and the production speed of large goods. For example, the Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom factory has a total plant area of about 6000 m² square meters and employs more than 200 people. It is produced by advanced computer assembly line, high degree of modern equipment; Pesin Outdoor Products Company is different from other Outdoor backpack manufacturers in that the board room of Pesin Outdoor Products Company is an independent department, which is specially designed for enterprises to make samples by hand and has a high production level, the sample is produced faster than the manufacturer of the factory that also has a board room. Professionalism comes from concentration. For more than ten years, Pesin has only customized bags. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has a perfect independent research and development system and has also established a professional production quality control system, in the OEM of luggage products, ODM and personalized customization business of enterprise groups, it has won the trust and support of many customers and is an outdoor backpack customization manufacturer worthy of your cooperation.
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