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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-07
Which is better, zipper, aluminum frame or depth frame in luggage case? At present, the most common comparison on the market is the comparison between zipper and aluminum frame luggage case. Most people go out to travel, using either zipper trolley case or aluminum frame trolley case, so which is better, zipper or aluminum frame trolley case? The following is a detailed explanation by Xiao Bian. The aluminum frame trolley case is an aluminum frame that connects the upper and lower parts of the luggage. Generally, the materials selected for the aluminum frame trolley case are all made of PC materials. The bag with aluminum frame is relatively strong. Some people use it as a carry-on chair during the journey. When they are tired, they sit on it. Don't worry too much about the deformation of the aluminum frame. The structure is simple and easy to process, so the choice of aluminum frame on the market will be more than the zipper trolley case. The appearance of the aluminum frame trolley case looks more in line with the fashionable taste, and the color is rich, especially now there is a color aluminum frame trolley case. However, the production cost is moderately higher than the zipper trolley case, and the use space is not as large as the zipper. Zipper luggage case refers to a zipper connecting the upper and lower parts of the luggage. The material of zipper luggage case can be cowhide, canvas or PC. Generally speaking, zipper luggage case, bags are made of more materials than aluminum frames, and their usage needs to be determined according to the quality of zippers. Zippers with better quality will take longer to use. However, zipper trolley case, no aluminum frame trolley case is stain-resistant, and the color selection is relatively small. In addition, the structure of zipper luggage case and aluminum frame luggage case is not the difference of quality, but is chosen according to people's travel habits. In Europe and the United States, zipper boxes are more popular, and aluminum frame boxes are usually only common among luggage brands in Asia. Deep frame, that is, deep aluminum frame trolley case, is different from ordinary flat frame (Aluminum frame) The advantage of luggage case is that it occupies less than 5% of the luggage market in the world. The complicated workmanship and price determine its irreplaceable position in the market. In addition to the same aluminum alloy support structure in the middle, the aluminum double U-shaped locking structure of the deep frame makes the upper and lower covers of the aluminum frame tightly blocked and not easy to shake, and does not leak gaps. The density and compression resistance of deep frames are 150% higher than those of ordinary aluminum frames, and the aluminum content is higher. In the luggage market, the share of deep frames is less than 5%, because of the complicated process, ordinary small manufacturers can't make it. Which is better, zipper luggage case, aluminum frame luggage case or deep aluminum luggage case? Pesin Outdoor Products Company recommends aluminum frame trolley case. If it is a young man and woman who advocates fashion, choosing aluminum frame trolley case is a very good choice! Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been focusing on luggage customization for 12 years, specializing in luggage case customization, and is a luggage manufacturer integrating luggage production, processing and sales. It is the choice of the top 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises, trustworthy!
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