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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-24
With the improvement of people's living conditions, people's brand awareness of various items has also increased, and backpacks are no exception. Many people buy or customize backpacks, one factor that is often considered is brand awareness, because many times the brand represents the quality, and there are countless brands of backpacks on the market. If consumers do not understand the relevant situation, it is easy to buy backpacks of poor quality. So, which brand of backpack is better? Let's listen to what the small Editor of Pesin Outdoor Products Company said. The contest between brands is not only reflected in the style and color, but also in the material, workmanship, accessories and other factors that determine the quality of the backpack. If the details of all aspects of the backpack can stand the test, no matter what brand of backpack, this backpack is a reliable backpack. 1. There are many kinds of materials for making backpacks. The quality of backpacks made of different materials is very different. If you want to find a backpack with better quality, the choice of materials is very important. The quality of the backpack material is in units of density. The higher the density, the better the quality of the material, the stronger and more durable. 2, workmanship, a quality backpack, its workmanship must be very delicate, the stitches are dense, the lines are uniform, the thread ends and burrs do not exist, all the stress points are sewn three times with the stitching back needle, make the stress position strong and durable. 3, accessories are good, if the backpack wants to be easy to use, it is necessary to cooperate with all kinds of accessories, such as zippers, sliders, hardware buckles, etc. , have their important role. The backpack zipper with good hardware zipper will be smoother when it is pulled together, and there is little stagnation. The handle design of the zipper will also be more careful, the handle will be designed relatively large and thick, and the texture is very good. The zippers of inferior ordinary backpacks are mostly cheap zippers, which not only have insufficient bearing capacity, but also are relatively light and thin and have no texture. Looking at the inside of the backpack, generally speaking, the inside of the high-quality backpack should be of good practicability, and should be flat and orderly, and high-density polyester should be used. The buckles on the shoulder straps of high-quality backpacks are generally wide, thick and stable. The production is also relatively fine, without impurities such as plastic burrs. The ordinary backpack shoulder straps are generally made of recycled plastic, which of course can reduce the production cost. However, everyone knows that the secondary material is easy to break, and the stability of such Buckles will be much worse. Backpack to choose a pick eye, it is better to try personalized customization, all-round customization according to your requirements, give you a unique exclusive backpack. Backpack custom, find Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Founded in 2004, we have independent research and development, design and production capabilities, professional OEM of various versions, and provide customized services to drawings and samples, focusing on luggage customization for 14 years, with affordable quality and quotation, is your trusted manufacturer!
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