Where can I find a small batch of customized luggage manufacturers -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
Each luggage manufacturer has relevant regulations on the minimum order quantity. If the minimum order quantity cannot be reached, many manufacturers will choose not to accept orders, especially those with relatively large production scale, in order to avoid waste and save costs, the minimum order quantity is stricter. But for those customers who customize bags in small quantities, there is not so much demand for customization, so how can we find manufacturers? Next, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you where to find small batch customized luggage manufacturers. Let's take a look. Generally speaking, if the number of customized products is relatively small, customers can only choose manufacturers with slightly smaller production scale if they want to find suitable manufacturers, because the minimum order quantity for manufacturers with slightly larger scale is relatively high, for example, for backpacks with medium size such as shoulder bags and schoolbags, the minimum order quantity is generally 300, while for other bags smaller than shoulder bags, the minimum order quantity is generally 500, the minimum order quantity for boxes such as luggage case is 300. For smaller manufacturers, the minimum order quantity requirements are not so high. Generally, more than a dozen or dozens of them can also receive orders, but if the number of orders is small, the unit price of customization should be higher. After all, the manufacturer's quotation is based on style, quantity, material, etc. If the quantity is too small, the production cost of the factory will be increased, these costs are to be shared with customers, so the unit price of a small number of customized bags is much higher. If the number of customizations is really very small and it is difficult to find a manufacturer to produce, the customer should consider the relevant spot styles of the manufacturer. Take Pesin Outdoor Products Company as an example. Pesin Outdoor Products Company selects some hot-selling styles every year to produce 1- 5 models without LOGO in stock, can support 20 order quantities. Customers can find their favorite styles in the bags and bags, and choose their favorite OEM styles for processing and customization. Generally, large goods can be completed within 2 weeks after placing an order, with long and short time and strong brand effect, the cost is relatively low, so for customers with a small number of customizations, buying spot is a relatively cost-effective choice. Looking for a choice of backpack manufacturers, look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers! Pesin Outdoor Products Company not only has more than ten years of production and management experience in the luggage customization industry, but also has served hundreds of well-known enterprises in the past ten years, like CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank, CNOOC, Dell, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Customized bags of good quality, Pesin Outdoor Products Company is the best choice!
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