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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
Aluminum Alloy boxes are made of aluminum alloy profiles. Aluminum Alloy boxes are characterized by firmness, beauty and convenience, and are widely used in industries such as instrumentation, electronics, jewelry, smart cards, communications, automation, precision machinery, sensors, industrial control, etc, used as a tool bag for equipment. The following is an introduction to the types of aluminum alloy boxes: 1. Toolbox. The surface fabric of the aluminum alloy toolbox is made of aluminum sheet or aluminum profile. The toolbox is wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, temperamental, difficult to penetrate and shockproof, moisture-proof and other advantages. Aluminum Alloy toolboxes are often customized into hardware toolboxes, special military toolboxes, etc. , with extremely high safety. 2. Cosmetic case cosmetic case is generally composed of non-woven fabric and aluminum frame structure. Cosmetic case is beautiful, practical and generous, and is loved by the majority of women. There is an aluminum movable bracket in the cosmetic case, which can be lifted freely and is very convenient to use. 3. The surface of the instrument box is made of metal aluminum sheet, and the box is made of shockproof material, which can effectively protect articles from shock absorption and damage. Because most of the instrument boxes are used outside, accessories such as one-way wheels and universal wheels are often placed. It is very convenient to travel and use. Nursing homes and medical use are commonly used. 4, trolley case, the surface of the trolley case is made of metal aluminum sheet, which is reliable and beautiful, and can meet the needs of different occasions. The trolley case is a must-have for home travel, so the material of the aluminum alloy trolley case is more light, generally, only a small amount of aluminum sheet is used on the surface layer, while ordinary nylon and polyester are used as lining fabric inside. Unlike other luggage cases, its external safety is stronger. 5. The surface of the air box of the air box is made of blocking materials, which can be fireproof, waterproof and acid and alkali resistant. The wall of the box is made of joint-venture plates, and the box is made of shock absorbing materials with universal wheels and handles. As the name implies, air boxes often appear at airports and transportation points, and there are many occasions for transportation and long-distance travel. Customized aluminum alloy boxes are determined according to different needs, occasions and quality requirements of enterprises. Pesin Outdoor Products Company can tailor aluminum alloy boxes for enterprises. Enterprises only need to provide corresponding customization requirements, quantity and quality. Pesin Outdoor Products Company looks forward to cooperating with you.
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