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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-05
In the tourism industry, many tourism companies will customize travel backpacks that can express their own characteristics for their customers in order to expand their popularity and increase their market share, so as to facilitate their travel. However, many travel companies are not professionals, so they are prone to make some mistakes when customizing travel backpacks, which leads to the fact that the backpacks they make cannot well meet the travel needs of customers. Therefore, let's let the manufacturers of Pesin Outdoor Products Company, which specializes in custom-made backpacks for 14 years, tell us about what aspects should be paid attention to when making travel backpacks? Let's take a look. 1. The choice of material for travel backpacks is very important. Travel backpacks have high quality requirements, and travel backpacks are mostly used for travel. Therefore, when choosing the material of the backpack, we must pay attention to the choice of wear-resistant, waterproof and lightweight materials, so that the quality of the backpack will be better, and the quality of the backpack will be given to the customer, can also leave a good impression on customers. 2, the travel backpack can be designed according to the company's travel route, the travel backpack capacity is large and small, different travel routes, the length of play is different, the number of items that tourists need to pack is not the same, therefore, when the travel company customizes the travel backpack, it can be designed according to different travel routes. For example, if the travel time is relatively short, the backpack with smaller capacity can be customized, long travel time lines can be customized with large capacity backpacks or luggage case, which can also give customers intimate service and let customers feel their own quality service. 3. Travel backpack customization is to determine the quantity and budget. Most luggage customization factories have minimum order quantity regulations. If the minimum order quantity is not reached, the factory usually does not accept orders. At the same time, the factory's quotation is determined by quantity. The more the number of customized travel backpacks, the more favorable the price. Moreover, if the fabric or size of the travel backpack is different, the price will be different. Therefore, the quantity and budget of the travel backpack will be clearly defined, you can ask the luggage customization factory to choose the right fabric and the right size according to the budget, and even give more suggestions. At the same time, before the travel backpack is placed for production, be sure to explain your own customization requirements to the factory, so as not to be bad for the wrong version. Travel Company travel backpack customized to find Pesin Outdoor Products Company, Pesin Outdoor Products Company focused on luggage customized business for 14 years, with professional design and production team, rich production experience, be good at customizing personalized and creative travel backpacks for travel companies and providing the most suitable travel backpacks.
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