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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-02
Quanzhou pull rod computer bag customized market demand is getting hotter and hotter, dazzling styles have made many consumers dizzying, then customized Quanzhou pull rod computer bag in addition to styles, what other factors need to pay attention? That is definitely the material of Quanzhou trolley computer bag! The main materials of a Quanzhou trolley computer bag are: fabric, lining, Buckle, zipper, shoulder strap and handle webbing. So today we mainly talk about Quanzhou trolley computer bag customized what material is good? _ _ _ About Quanzhou trolley computer bag custom fabric: computer bag is usually made of nylon, people have, nylon is also divided into low and high grades. At present, 420D, 840D and 1680D are commonly seen in the market, and 1680D is the most used in our company, which is also the best of these three materials. The higher the density, the more wear-resistant the material, the more comfortable it feels, and the waterproof performance is also very good, so choosing a good fabric can better protect the computer. _ _ _ About the zipper of Quanzhou trolley computer bag: As we all know, the best zipper should be YKK zipper, and many brands of computer bags will choose YKK zipper. Is it suitable to use YKK zipper if the computer bag is customized? Of course, as long as you have a certain amount and can accept YKK's expensive price, then our computer bag manufacturers can naturally do it. However, if the quantity is small, it is difficult to buy in the market. Haha, is it rare? So, is there no better zipper except YKK? NO. In fact, there are many zippers with good quality in the market, such as SBS or Wushi zippers in Fujian, which are much cheaper than YKK and of very good quality. ___ About the buckle of Quanzhou trolley computer bag: a brand computer bag will pay special attention to details, fabrics and trade unions show grades, some small places are exquisite, and the temperament of the computer bag can be reflected, therefore, one must be cautious in choosing good buckles. The commonly used buckles for computer bags include buckles, daily buckles, ladder buckles, etc. The characteristics of these buckles are the same. They are all required to be hot, resistant to high temperature, waterproof and wear-resistant, the most important thing is endurance. A good buckle not only allows you to easily take items, but also can fix the items inside the computer bag when you exercise strongly. Therefore, the choice of buckle for the computer bag is also a matter of learning. ___ About the shoulder strap of Quanzhou trolley computer bag: a small shoulder strap, to bear the weight of the entire computer bag, but also to make your shoulders feel comfortable, want to go, this small shoulder strap is the most important! Here to explain, not a computer bag needs a good shoulder strap. Including shoulder bags, travel bags, backpacks, etc. all need good shoulder straps. The webbing selected by our company is breathable, strong and wear-resistant, smooth and comfortable. Suitable for long shoulders, suitable for strenuous exercise, suitable for direct contact with skin.
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