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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
First of all, as the name implies, waterproof bags are mainly used for waterproofing, but there are some waterproof bags on the market today. The performance of waterproof bags is very poor. If the moisture is slightly heavy or the rain is heavy, the contents of the bags will be wetted. Waterproof bags are necessary equipment for people who often travel everywhere or climb outdoors. Even if you are carrying a professional mountaineering bag, you will also have a rain cover on the outside. In any case, the use of waterproof bags or rain covers is to better protect the objects carried in the bags. So, what kind of waterproof bag is good? Many outdoor brands claim that their backpacks are waterproof. Is it really waterproof? Even they are not sure. What kind of waterproof bag is good? Many people simply think that when it rains, the backpack will not enter the water. In fact, the real waterproof bag can reach 100% waterproof, and there is no problem throwing it into the water. The real waterproof bag must be made of pvc or tpu material, plus seamless joint technology, waterproof zipper or airtight zipper. At present, there are few real waterproof bags in China. Any bag made of nylon, canvas and sewing is not a real waterproof bag. Internationally, the famous waterproof bags are sealock, overboard, feelfree, etc. Among them, sealock is the leader in waterproof bags, not only with fine workmanship, but also constantly developing new varieties. Like the airtight zipper, it is a waterproof zipper independently developed by sealock. This waterproof zipper is the best waterproof effect. The backpack using this waterproof zipper can be used for diving and can be used for floating, you can take it for swimming. It is difficult to find 100% waterproof waterproof bags, materials and techniques. Most of the waterproof bags abundant in the market can still ensure waterproof under heavy rain. If you want to customize the waterproof bag, please look for the Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company is committed to personalized luggage customization. It has accumulated rich practical experience in various aspects such as style, materials and technology. At the same time, it provides sample processing, OEM production and OEM, we can also provide design services and production according to the design or description provided by customers. We warmly welcome all enterprises and institutions to call us for consultation. We hope to cooperate with you for a long time and work together!
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