What kind of camera bag is customized to be practical -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-06
What kind of camera bag is customized to be practical? I believe that many professional photographers should be the first to answer this question. This Pesin Outdoor Products Company, in combination with the proposals of photographers, uses ordinary backpacks and photographic backpacks to tell you what a practical photographic bag is like? 1. The difference between the material of the ordinary backpack and the camera bag is that the ordinary backpack refers to the backpack that we are camping and hiking on weekdays. He is generally more fashionable than practical, the professional camera bag requires strong protection and scratch resistance, which not only has long service life, but also ensures the firmness of the bag body and the safety of internal equipment. Adding appropriate waterproof and dustproof functions to solid protection is also one of the necessary protections for protective equipment, which is the safety protection that ordinary backpacks cannot give. 2. The internal difference between the ordinary backpack and the camera bag is that the ordinary backpack does not have a protective layer of the inner container, and may bump and damage the equipment during the process of putting the backpack and walking. The camera bag has a protective shell and liner that protects your baby from damage. Ordinary backpacks are not designed for photographic equipment, so the space utilization rate is very low, because most of the photographic equipment is not square, a large bag, can not put a few pieces of equipment, also worry about the equipment bumping against each other. The interior of the camera bag is reasonably separated according to the shape of the photographic equipment, and every inch of space can be used as much as possible. There are buffer partitions between the equipment to protect them from fighting with each other and causing damage, it can also hold cameras, tripods, accessories and a few personal items in a compact space. 3. The design of ordinary backpacks and camera bags and the storage design of ordinary backpacks basically cannot hold photographic equipment in layered storage. Only the storage of main bags/sub-bags is suitable for the storage of photographic equipment, the difference between them and professional photography bags is that they can only take equipment from the inside, while professional photography backpacks can quickly take photographic equipment from the side, which greatly facilitates photographers to take lenses and replace equipment. People say that photography is poor for three generations, and SLR destroys life. This is because photography equipment is expensive. Don't think that the camera bag is a dispensable thing. Because from a certain perspective, the camera is in it'Hands' The time is much longer than in the hands of photographers. Therefore, customizing a reliable camera bag is also to create a corporate brand. Reliable'The quality is very necessary.
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