What is the TSA encountered in luggage consignment and how does TSA work?

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
1. Do you know that international conventions require all luggage to undergo safety inspection before shipment? 2. Do you know that in some countries, such as the United States, luggage inspection means it will be opened? 3. Do you know that if your suitcase is locked at this time, the customs officers will forcibly open it? 4. You know a lot. 'Old Model' Is it only because TSA inspectors cannot quickly open these luggage for inspection? 5. Do you know that the United States and other governments have passed and adopted Brigade's standards for suitcases and locks so that inspectors can unpack and inspect without damaging the locks? 6. Do you know that many bags and locks have adopted the standards of lv'an and have been certified by lv'an? 7. Do you know that you should lock your suitcase for the following three reasons? a. Locking can prevent theft. Because people think they can't lock their suitcases, this gives some dishonest airport porters unlimited opportunities. B. Locking can reduce the loss of items in the bag. During the baggage handling process, the contents of the bag are likely to fall out of the zipper opening because the bag is not locked. c. There are cases in which a small number of airport staff use passengers' luggage to smuggle drugs or other prohibited items privately. How does the TSA system work? 1. Each brigade lock has a special sign (Red Diamond Label) , TSA or other inspectors know that the lock can be opened without damaging it. 2. Each brigade lock has a code, and TSA or other inspectors can know what tools to use to open the lock. 3. Check centers at all US airports and many other international airports can open the brigade lock and re-lock it after inspection. ( Sometimes you will put an envelope in your suitcase to tell you that your luggage has been opened and checked. TSA locks the user's unique intimate service)! With TSA lock, you can safely lock your luggage when you travel abroad; Make sure your luggage is safe through customs! The use of TSA customs combination locks can avoid the possibility that local airport security personnel will destroy the locks when traveling abroad. Luggage entering the United States will not be pried open and damaged by the Customs unless TSA-certified locks are used. In order to facilitate customs inspection, the original baggage into the United States cannot be locked. If you put the lock, you will definitely open the inspection. However, too many people responded that in other areas where the security is not good, there is no security at all. Therefore, this kind of TSA lock will be generated. 4. Therefore, with Travel Sentry certified luggage and Travel security locks, passengers can do it. a. Lock your luggage with confidence. B. Make sure your luggage is safe. c. Enjoy the trip with peace of mind. Please look for the red diamond logo in Luan when purchasing your suitcase and lock. There are special TSA inspectors in US Customs and aviation terminal buildings. Explanation of TSA certification 1. Since January 2003, TSA has stipulated that all luggage entering US airports must be opened for inspection. At the same time, TSA has issued a warning: unless TSA-certified locks are used, the checked luggage will either not be locked, either the customs has the right to open the box and destroy the lock of the checked luggage. 2. There are two ways to open the TSA lock: one is unlocked by the password set by the consumer, and the other is unlocked by the TSA key dedicated to the customs. The Customs has a TSA unlock key on hand. 3. There must be a red diamond sign on the front and back sides of this lock. As long as the Customs sees the sign, they will know to unlock it with the key (The corresponding key number is indicated at the bottom of the lock)Without breaking it. 4. TSA has strictly trained customs inspectors. When opening luggage for inspection, it should be very careful to ensure safety. After inspection, it should also lock the luggage again. 5. TSA locks can also be used in countries outside the United States. Genuine TSA locks are passed through the US local Traffic Safety Administration (TSA)And the royal tax authority (HMRC)Officially verified and acknowledged. This article was published by Pesin shoulder bag
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