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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
When the luggage manufacturer customizes the backpack, the customization process is not complicated, but the length of the process required for different customers and different types of backpacks is slightly different, today Pesin Outdoor Products Company Small make up to tell you about luggage manufacturers custom backpack process is how, together to understand it. 1, inquiry, this step is mostly the customer to find the manufacturer to communicate, ask if you can customize the backpack style you want, then let the manufacturer estimate the price according to the style, size and material of the backpack. If the customer feels suitable, he can discuss the relevant matters of proofing. 2. Proofing and proofing are important means to determine the quotation of backpacks. The proofing time is usually about one week. The luggage manufacturer will make relevant sample backpacks according to the customer's requirements and then confirm them to the customer, if the customer does not approve the sample or feels that it needs to be modified, it is necessary to re-proof until the customer is satisfied. Generally speaking, each merchant must first charge the corresponding proofing fee for the customer's proofing, and when the customer places an order, it will be returned to the customer in full. If the customer confirms that there is no problem with the sample, both parties can sign the production order under the contract. 3. The production time of large goods depends on the customized quantity. Generally, if the customized quantity does not exceed 10,000, the delivery period can be basically 20-20- 25 days to complete, if the number exceeds tens of thousands, it will be in one month. In the early stage of the specific delivery period, the manufacturer will communicate with the customer and make decisions on the relevant delivery period to avoid delay. After the production, the manufacturer will notify the customer to carry out the quality inspection of the goods, or take pictures to the customer to check, confirm the customer to the final payment to the manufacturer, and then the manufacturer arranges the logistics for delivery. Quanzhou custom shoulder bag selection Pesin Outdoor Products Company is correct, Pesin line bags also have perfect after-sales service, when the customer receives the sample to detect defective Products can return to our factory for rework ( Generally, there are very few bad products, and our quality inspection department will strictly check the goods before production) If you encounter quality problems during the sales process within half a year, you can return to the factory for repair. Good reputation is trustworthy! Pesin Outdoor Products Company in line with'In the customer, for the customer' The aim of the company is to serve thousands of well-known enterprises, such as Huawei, Home Link, Ping An of China, BYD, etc. The products are widely used in various fields and can be seen as strength!
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