What is the price of large gun case ?
This may be different in different conditions. It is a promise of Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Co., Ltd to offer quality gun case at affordable price. In general, it is priced based on the production. Its raw material, production technology, positioning, etc. are all considered. Sometimes there are discounts based on the order quantity. Favorable price is available for a new order.

With first-rate technology equipped, Lzdrason offers the outdoor backpack with the highest quality. Pesin Outdoor Backpack has created a number of successful series, and tool bags is one of them. Lzdrason soft gun cases packs in more cushioning materials than a standard mattress and is tucked underneath the organic cotton cover for a clean look. It has a thick base, typically made of polypropylene or EVA. The product is quality-assured as it has been stringently tested on various parameters before coming into the market. It is ideal for camping, trekking, military deployment, and other extended outdoor trips.

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