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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
The customization of bags and bags is changing with each passing day and has gradually become one of the favorite gifts of enterprises. Facing the big cake of the customization of bags and bags and gifts, the gift company and the manufacturer of the customization of bags and bags and bags are the big winners of this cake. The two do not give in to each other but help each other, what is the difference between a gift customization manufacturer and a gift company? 1. The nature of the two companies is different. Gift companies are multi-element services composed of electronic products, luggage products, office supplies and other gift types. Professional gift companies will provide you with a variety of gift options based on your gift objects and gift activities. It is a good choice for companies that don't know what to choose. Luggage gift customization factory is a manufacturer specializing in luggage gift customization service, and Pesin Outdoor Products Company is one of them. Luggage manufacturers provide enterprises with different luggage product schemes such as backpacks, briefcases, mountaineering bags, luggage cases, etc. according to the gift grades, gift objects and gift budgets of enterprises. Choosing luggage gifts can not only meet the practical needs, it can also promote the brand image of the Enterprise when the user uses it. 2. The service situation of the two is different. After the gift company determines the gift plan of the enterprise, it first finds the manufacturer of the gift and conducts a series of communication such as customized content, budget price and cost, when the Enterprise feeds back the customization problem, the gift company acts as the intermediary for the two terminal service providers. 'Running errands' As a result, the communication between the two parties will take a long time, and the problem may not be cleared. Luggage gift customization manufacturers are different. After the enterprises choose good gifts, they directly make samples for the enterprises to follow up. During the period, enterprises with customization problems can directly communicate with the manufacturers, however, the quality problem can be directly inspected by the factory without going through the gift party, which not only saves a lot of communication time, but also clearly knows when the luggage gift will go online and when it will be shipped. If you want to choose a luggage gift customization manufacturer, you can choose Pesin Outdoor Products Company. They have been in the industry for more than ten years and have a professional luggage design and research team, perfect luggage customization process and experienced customization workshop.
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