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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-24
As the saying goes' Good goods are not cheap, cheap is not good'This is reasonable. Many companies want good product quality and low price when customizing backpacks. This is definitely unrealistic. After all, the cost is there, and it is impossible for manufacturers to do business at a loss. So, what factors affect the price of backpack customization? This is what many enterprise procurement personnel are more concerned about, because only by understanding the factors affecting the price of backpack customization can budget control be more reasonable. Let Xiaobian take you to understand this knowledge. 1. Backpack material, backpack material is the main influencing factor of the manufacturer's quotation. There are many kinds of backpack materials. The quality of backpacks made of different materials is different, good materials can definitely make high quality backpacks, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, the backpack material is different, the manufacturer's quotation will definitely be different, even if the style of the same backpack, as long as the material is different, the quotation will be different. Therefore, when purchasing, enterprises should not see that the manufacturer's quotation is higher, but they feel that they are cheating you. The key is to understand clearly what the material of the backpack is, to purchase a backpack with the right price and quality. 2, backpack style backpack style complex or not is also an important factor in the manufacturer's quotation, because different styles of production process is different, the more complex the style, the more exquisite the production process, the longer the production time is, the higher the production cost is. On the contrary, the lower the production cost is. The custom backpack is produced according to customer needs. If the customer wants a more complete backpack style, the production cost will be higher, and the manufacturer's quotation will naturally increase. 3, backpack custom quantity, backpack custom quantity is also one of the factors that affect the manufacturer's quotation. Generally speaking, the higher the custom quantity, the lower the manufacturer's quotation. If the number of backpacks is large, the manufacturer's entire production cost control will be more reasonable, and the waste will be reduced. The production cost will be reduced, and the manufacturer's quotation will naturally be reduced. Moreover, many backpack customization manufacturers have a minimum order requirement for the customized quantity in order to save costs. If the order quantity does not meet the relevant regulations, the manufacturer will not accept the order, so as not to make a loss-making business. Customized backpacks are suitable for Pesin Outdoor Products Company. As an independent manufacturer, Pesin Outdoor Products Company can fully meet the production needs of large orders of customers in terms of production capacity, product quality, proofing speed and cost control, undertake all kinds of backpack OEM and ODM orders, provide sample processing, OEM production, oem oem, or provide design services and production according to the design or description provided by customers, we have accumulated rich practical experience in all aspects of style, materials and technology, which is trustworthy!
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