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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-05
Every time I travel to other places, after some tourist attractions, in addition to the sea of people, there must be those tour groups holding high flags. They wear hats of the same color and carry backpacks of the same color. At first glance, they are the unique signs of professional travel agencies. So, what bags should travel agencies order? Travel agency custom-made travel bags or backpacks have become indispensable equipment for the group, and have become an indispensable landscape on the journey. In the past, travel agencies sent hats, travel bags, and backpacks to promote orders. Today, customized travel bags are an indispensable service for travel agencies. First of all, you have to determine the purpose of the bag. If it is for the convenience of customers, you should choose a travel bag, which is suitable for putting some clothes and washing utensils. This kind of travel bag is generally invisible in scenic spots, normally, it is not on the tour bus or the hotel. If you want to promote, it is recommended to use a light backpack or a small bag. This series of bags can generally hold wallets, cell phones, kettles, umbrellas and other items, which is suitable for customers to carry back to tourist attractions for sightseeing, which is not only convenient for customers, but also achieves publicity effect. . After determining the type of bag, the travel agency should also consider the style and price of the bag. . So is it important to seek low prices? Or is customer experience important? This really has to be clearly positioned. However, Xiaobian has a saying to remind the travel agency:' I originally wanted to better serve customers. If the customer experience is poor, the brand trust will decline. It is better not to make it. What you customize is not only a travel bag, but also a service! 'Where can I find a travel agency to order a bag? Xiao Bian strongly recommends Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers here! Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a comprehensive production enterprise mainly engaged in professional design, production, custom sales of all kinds of bags, backpacks, travel bags, small satchels. With a professional design team, the whole process of operating corporate customer orders, we are based on'Customer-centric' The principle has established long-term cooperative relations with many travel agencies. Pesin Outdoor Products Company is mainly made to order, and its reputation is trustworthy!
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