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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-08
The small pockets also have a lot of knowledge. How important it is to have a suitable small purse for your portable camera, key, mobile phone, sunscreen, snacks, cigarettes, lighters, etc. When customizing a waist bag, attention should also be paid to the selection of fabric, belt and buckle of the waist bag. The quality of the material determines the overall appearance and practicability of the waist bag, if this pocket is to be used outdoors, it is best to choose waterproof fabric. So what are the types of outdoor pockets? First, small pockets with a volume of less than 3 liters are small pockets, and small pockets can be used as close-fitting pockets. It is mainly used to hold small personal items, valuable items such as money, ID cards, bank cards, etc. This kind of waist bag is more suitable for work, business trip and daily application. It is tied inside the coat and does not show any dew. The anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that the volume is too small. Second, the volume of the medium-sized waist pack is between 3 and 10 liters, which can be classified as a medium-sized waist pack. Medium-sized pockets are the most widely used in outdoor pockets. It has many types and is more powerful in functionality. It can be used to load cameras and kettles with large volumes. It is the preferred type of waist pack for enterprises to participate in outdoor activities. Third, large pockets with a volume of more than 10 liters are large pockets. These pockets are more suitable for outdoor activities and daily life for a single day. Due to their large size, most of these pockets are equipped with a single shoulder strap. Nowadays, the current pockets are also pursuing personalized customization. Many companies choose pockets as one of the promotional gifts. One of the customized pockets is to fit everyone's life, regardless of age or gender. The second is a new marketing method that can print corporate brand slogans, logo and other characteristics, promote corporate culture and expand corporate brand awareness. Where are outdoor waist bag customization manufacturers looking? Outdoor pockets are customized to choose Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization factory is a luggage customization service provider integrating design, research and development, production, processing and sales after-sales. It has been cooperating with Baidu, CNOOC, TCL and other enterprises for a long time for 12 years, provide one-stop customized service for the enterprise, listen to the voice of the enterprise and provide reasonable planning scheme, you are trustworthy!
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