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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-06
Luggage case is the luggage we use. Lock Head is one of the most important accessories in luggage case. Strong lock head can help us protect the articles in the luggage case. Now the lock head can set a password, therefore, it is necessary to choose a good luggage case lock. What are the types of common combination locks? An ordinary password padlock. In the past era of luggage case, luggage case itself did not have a lock. Some modern soft luggage case also did not have a design lock head, but it would be equipped with an ordinary password padlock. Ordinary password padlocks are divided into multi-pull type and rotary type, while luggage case password locks are often equipped with'Rotating disc Password lock, such a password lock is a full mechanical structure, a password lock that can be set with three numbers, is easy to use, and does not have to be afraid of losing the key. Second, the combination lock head that comes with the trolley case actually makes travel more convenient. The principle of this combination lock is the same as that of the ordinary password padlock because of the use of'Rotary disc lock' You can simply set and change the password, you can operate freely, and the appearance is small and cute, and the configuration on the trolley case is not too abrupt and uncoordinated. The biggest feature of the password lock configured on the trolley case is that it is not afraid of losing the lock. Third, the luggage case comes with or independent TSA combination lock TSA combination lock is the customs supervision of customs clearance baggage and cargo safety monitoring, in order to ensure that the trolley case is not forced to break the box and the international Universal TSA lock, the key to the TSA combination lock is only available to the customs. The TSA lock is the same function and operation as the ordinary password lock. TSA combination lock is easy to identify, and red diamond is the unique symbol of TSA lock. The general luggage case has its own TSA lock head. If you want to pass the customs and your lock head is a common combination lock, you can choose to use the TSA combination lock with the hanging buckle when passing the customs, which can pass the customs easily. Each luggage case lock has its own characteristics and advantages, and their functionality and practicability are different in price and relative to production. The middle and high-end luggage case will use its own password lock head, while the high-end luggage case will choose TSA's own Customs lock. You can choose the appropriate luggage case lock head to match according to the image promotion of the giver and the enterprise.
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