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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-01
Personalized customization is a popular trend in today's market, and computer bag customization has also become one of the popular customization services in gifts. Computer bag customization is a favorite gift customization service for enterprises. It can print the patterns, characters and brand features specified by enterprises on the computer bag, of which computer bag customization logo is the most popular printing method for enterprises. Customized logo computer bags have two benefits for enterprises. The first is to capture the hearts of enterprise employees. The second is to vigorously promote enterprise brands, which usually cost a lot, especially the latter. The customized logo of the computer bag is a symbol that directly reflects the characteristics of the enterprise. It designs the brand logo of the enterprise in different technological ways and prints it in combination with the design features of the computer bag itself, what types of computer bag custom logo are there? 1. Voltage logo. The voltage is that when the printed printing surface is in contact with the case, the dot is the smallest, the word line is clear, the double printing is not spread, the text and image are all printed, and no white leakage is the best, the depth of the pressed material shall not exceed 0. 3mm. The voltage is concave and convex, simple and elegant, and belongs to the monochrome logo process. 2. Offset logo. Offset printing is offset printing, which uses a piece of rubber to transfer the ink on the template. The printing speed is fast, the process and Labor are reduced, the finished product rate is high, and the production efficiency of luggage is greatly improved. Generally, it can be heat transferred to nylon cloth, polyester, cotton cloth, TC cloth and other fabrics, and PU, PVC and EVA are also supported. 3. Hardware logo. The hardware card is the metal mold opening process in the mold opening logo. It is gorgeous and graded, but it takes longer and the price is higher. Hardware logo can be disassembled at the later stage, so many computer bag manufacturers will choose hardware logo in stock, which is convenient for customers to achieve personalized customization when choosing stock. Customized logo computer bags should be selected from professional computer bag manufacturers with customized scheme planning ability and perfect series of customized process services, and Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Company believes that it can satisfy you. Pesin Outdoor Products Company was established in 2004. For more than ten years, it has been committed to customizing enterprise bags and gifts. Thousands of computer backpacks are your choice and can be customized according to your ideas. Everything changes only for you.
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