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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
The first aid kit is a small bag containing first-aid drugs and sterilized gauze, bandages, etc. , which are used for emergency use in the event of an accident. According to different environments and different users, they can be divided into different categories. What types of custom-made first aid kits are there? 1. Order family first aid kits many American parents want their children to understand the truth: at the critical moment of life and death, if there is some water, medicine and light at hand, then perhaps the fate will be completely different. Custom-made home first aid kits, first of all, the style is light, easy to carry, easy to place, the interior needs to design and store the protection of disinfection, dressing supplies and other emergency supplies, such as elastic bandages, gauze pieces, thermometers, etc. 2. Customized outdoor first aid kit outdoor first aid kit is specially designed for field workers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is suitable for personal protection for field exploration and outdoor exploration. The outdoor first aid kit is usually divided into two parts, one is medicine and the other is some medical equipment. Therefore, when customizing outdoor first aid kits, they should be divided into measuring ranges, and Band-Aid and saline wet wipes (Alcohol wipes) , Padded bandages, quick-cooling ice bags and some medical equipment, such as medical scissors, tweezers, medical N95 masks, compasses, emergency torches, etc. 3, custom car first aid kit car first aid kit custom also known as car emergency kit. The on-board first aid kit is a package of medical first aid equipment and drugs equipped on the vehicle. It can be used to save oneself when traffic accidents cause casualties. It is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic deaths. Due to accidents involving car accidents and travel, the custom-made car first aid kit should have the functions of shock resistance and compression resistance, and articles such as elastic headgear, Buckle, charging cable, Band-Aid, etc. should be stored inside. The existence of first-aid kits is to give each of us a safe guard. In recent years, government associations, institutions and school training institutions have increasingly strengthened the prevention of safety. Therefore, the customization of first-aid kits has been very popular in recent years, it also led to the mob mixing into the first aid kit customization industry. If an enterprise organization is looking for a first aid kit factory, remember to find a luggage manufacturer with many years of luggage experience and perfect luggage production plant. If there is no target, you can choose Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers.
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