What are the themes of luggage gift activities -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization factory

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
Over the past five thousand years, China has cultivated gifts into Chinese traditional culture. With the changes of the times, the recipients of gifts have changed from aristocrats to civilians, and the types of gifts have also changed from Noble to practical, luggage is a gift product of the times. What are the themes of luggage gift activities? Which activities are suitable for luggage gifts? 1. Business bags and bags are divided into two styles all the year round, business and leisure. Business bags often appear in various office buildings, awards and other business activities. They are often suitable for business offices, business trips and business gifts. Therefore, Pesin Outdoor Products Company meets enterprises, for example, Alibaba, TCL, etc. The theme of the activities they choose to customize bags and gifts is generally'Employee welfare gifts','Business meeting gifts'And'Anniversary' TCL's 10th anniversary is the choice of Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Business backpack'Customization. Business bags can choose'Business backpack','Business briefcase','Business Computer Bag','Business shoulder bag'And'Business boarding'Wait. These business bags can be applied to the work and life of business people, such as briefcases and computer bags used for work; Boarding for business trips, etc. 2. Leisure luggage leisure luggage is not only the choice of enterprises, but also the choice of business alliance. In the travel season of August and every year, leisure bags and gifts are the most popular. Many business unions and enterprises will choose leisure bags and gifts to assist in the promotion activities this season, leisure bags will also be selected as employee gifts during the travel season. Not only are promotional activities and employee activities popular leisure bags and gifts, but in this harvest season, the photography industry also has great demand for backpacks, including mountaineering enthusiasts. Therefore, leisure bags are suitable for outdoor activities such as promotional activities, employee benefits, photography activities, mountaineering activities, etc. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has 12 years of luggage customization experience. The above is the theme of luggage gift activities learned by Pesin in combination with 12 years of luggage customization experience. If you don't understand what type of luggage you need for your activities, you can directly ask the customer service of Pesin Outdoor Products Company, and they will answer your questions.
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