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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
Personalized customization of backpacks is becoming popular, and the demand for customization of backpacks by large and medium-sized enterprises or gift companies is increasing. Enterprises must first find reliable backpack manufacturers to customize backpacks, and most of them are full-time purchasing personnel. However, many procurement personnel do not understand the backpack customization industry, and it is even less clear what processes are in the backpack production customization process. Today, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will introduce the process of backpack production customization, hoping to help you. 1. The first process of backpack production customization is made by the master of the backpack manufacturer according to the effect diagram. This version may be very different from the version in your impression, it is said that he is a version of the layman, in fact, the people in the industry call it'Paper grid' , That is, drawings drawn with ballpoint pens on large-format white paper, with detailed instructions on the top. 2. The second process is to make a sample package. The quality of this process depends to a large extent on whether the paper grid is standard. There is no problem with the paper grid, and the sample package can basically realize the original intention of the design. There are several purposes for making sample bags. The first is to confirm whether there are errors in the paper grid to prevent serious deviations in the production of large goods. The second purpose is to test the material and the trial version. Because even if the same fabric has different patterns, the effect of the whole backpack will vary greatly. 3. The third process is material preparation and cutting. This process is mainly to purchase raw materials with advanced nature. As the purchased raw materials are all rolled fabrics, the cutting die needs to be opened and then cut and stacked separately. Every step of the early process of sewing is crucial. The following is the style of the die, which is also made entirely according to the paper grid. 4, the fourth process is sewing, the general backpack is not too thick, the basic use of flat car can complete the entire sewing process. If you encounter a particularly thick backpack or a particularly complicated backpack, you may use equipment such as a high car in the last sewing process. Sewing is the longest and most critical process in the customization process of backpack production. However, strictly speaking, sewing is not just a process, it consists of multiple processes, among them, the front sewing, the middle sewing, the back sewing, the lining sewing, the shoulder strap, the knot, the bag sewing and other processes are combined. 5. The last process is to check and accept the packaging. Generally, the whole package will be inspected during the packaging process. The unqualified products will be returned to the previous process for rework. Qualified backpacks should be protected against dust separately, and the whole packing box should be carried out according to the packing quantity required by customers. Most backpacks will be bundled and vented during packaging in order to reduce logistics costs and compress packing space. Of course, backpacks made of soft cloth are not afraid of pressure. The backpack production customization is suitable for Pesin Outdoor Products Company. It is a luggage industry and trade enterprise integrating the design, development, production and sales of bag Products. It has been committed to the personalized customization service of bags, professional custom computer backpacks, backpacks, business backpacks, etc. , high quality trustworthy!
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