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by:Lzdrason     2020-08-13
What are the popular trends of bags in spring and summer 2014? At the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion week show held earlier, it is not difficult to see the popular bag styles this year, including tassel design, retro design, hollow design, etc. Many styles are popular at the same time. Which bag elements are most sought after? I believe that fashion trends will be widely concerned. First, from the details of the design, the novel tassels, retro, hollow design, hardware decoration elements are still popular from the spring and summer 2014 Fashion Week show in this spring and summer series of women's bags, A large number of fabrics with tassel design, retro design and hollow pattern have emerged. These three elements add charm and novelty to the design of the bag, it creates a very eye-catching visual effect. Second, from the trend point of view, with the popularity of personalized goods, highly creative custom bags will become the trend of consumers more and more personalized, fashion more and more democratic. A smiling sticker is printed on the luggage bag today, and you can change it to other patterns you like tomorrow. Creative private custom luggage service will become a trend. Third, from the functional point of view, the multi-functional neutral backpack is popular. The following is a Pesin multi-functional backpack. If you must sum up the popular bags in spring and summer 2014, that is a sports or business casual style backpack. The backpack here does not have to be carried on both shoulders. The key word is City, free and easy, exquisite. After all, the trend of luggage is a big topic. The above is just a little humble opinion of the Pesin Outdoor Products Company. It is for reference only. Please forgive me if you don't. All luggage industry experts, bag lovers and fashion people can give their own opinions.
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