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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
With the rapid popularity of luggage customization, it has become the first choice for many enterprises. Luggage customization is a brand personalized luggage customization service that every enterprise can enjoy. It can help enterprises publicize their own brands in disguised form, with low cost, high response and strong continuity of publicity effect, therefore, the effect of shaping high-quality brand bags is the foundation, and it is particularly important to choose a good brand bag customization manufacturer. Enterprises will compare goods with three luggage manufacturers, and luggage proofing is the first threshold for comparison, what are the proofing designs for luggage? Xiao Bian sorted out some tricks about luggage proofing design, and everyone should read them carefully. First, the body change design method is most commonly used by beginners. That is, to change the shape, line, structure, proportion, etc. of the parts of the luggage. The main rules are as follows: 1. Cutting and mending method 2. Interchange method 3. Inversion method; 4. Compression and stretching method 5. Shape shifting method 6. Jumping method. 2. Associative design method. Associative design method refers to the association of an idea. Through several times of thinking operation, finally, it is positioned in the design method of another idea. There are two main application rules of Lenovo design in luggage design? : 1, through the relevance of associative thinking design. 2, through the implied associative thinking design. Third, retro design method the retro method of luggage design refers to the style of luggage referring to some ancient clothing and decoration styles. Some classical patterns are used for decoration to make the luggage reflect a classical charm. Fourth, bionic design method the bionic design method is that the designer uses the general and typical methods to sublimate and artistically process these forms by experiencing the beautiful forms of animals and plants in nature. V. Serial design method serial design method is a design technique in which designers apply divergent thinking to some design elements of luggage to carry out serial deformation and expand the expression form of design elements, thus producing various styles of the same theme. There are three main application rules: 1. Serialization of models. 2. Color serialization. 3. Serialization of components. 6. Reverse design method the reverse design method of luggage, as its name implies, is to think about the original shape and shape of the luggage in opposite positions. In layman's terms, it is to change your mind and think about it. There are three main application rules: 1. Reverse the modeling position of luggage. 2. Reverse the use of luggage. 3. Reverse the raw materials and process of luggage. The above is the sharing of luggage proofing design presented by Pesin Outdoor Products Company. More information is available in Pesin Outdoor Products Company! For luggage customization, you are welcome to call our Pesin Outdoor Products Company website for free!
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