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by:Lzdrason     2020-06-05
Many buyers will get different quotations when making inquiries to luggage manufacturers. For this, buyers will often be depressed. They do not know which manufacturer is better and choose the one with lower price, I am afraid that the quality of the product is not up to standard. Choose a high price and the budget is over. Below, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the factors that affect the price of customized bags. Let's get to know them together. 1. Luggage material luggage material is one of the most important factors affecting the price. There are many kinds of luggage materials. The prices vary widely among different materials. Even if it is the same material, its density is different, the price difference is also very large, and the materials purchased by the luggage processing factory are not in the same area, so the price of the purchased materials will also be different, thus affecting the customized price of the luggage. 2. The style of luggage the style of luggage is also one of the factors that affect the customized price. Generally speaking, the more complicated the style, the higher the manufacturing process, the higher the production cost, and the higher the natural customized price. 3, the number of custom bags, the level of custom quantity is also one of the factors affecting the price, as the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover, if the number of custom, the factory's production cost waste is not so much, the quotation of the factory is naturally lower. Generally, the factory will have a ladder quotation sheet. The amount of money can be done within certain ranges, as long as the overall price allows the factory to make money. It is worth noting that most factories will have a minimum order quantity. If the minimum order quantity is not reached, most manufacturers will not accept orders to reduce costs. Therefore, when customizing, buyers should also appropriately increase the number of customizations, so as not to find the manufacturer to do. 4. Labor cost. If you ask about the price in luggage processing plants in different regions, there may be a big gap. For example, if you ask about the price of bags in Quanzhou and Hebei, it is different, because the cost of workers is different, Quanzhou may be slightly more expensive because the cost of workers in Quanzhou is very high. Compared with the factories that make bags in Hebei, the overall price will fluctuate to some extent, but Quanzhou has its advantages, quality, close to the port, the exit is very convenient. If you are looking for high-quality and long-term cooperation, which can reduce the number of luggage processing plants that do not work for you, please come to our Pesin Outdoor Products Company, we will provide the best service and the best product quality, we will certainly satisfy you. We undertake all kinds of luggage ODM and oem oem, with strong design strength and rich production experience. We have been established for 14 years and the quality and delivery period are all assured! Since its establishment in 2004, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has served many well-known enterprises such as Baidu, Huayi, TCL, Alibaba, etc. It has also worked as a foundry for some internationally renowned luggage brands. Its strength is visible and trustworthy, worth Choosing!
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