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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
Nowadays, some outdoor sports such as camping, mountaineering, and crossing are increasingly respected by people. These sports are basically team trips. When traveling outdoors, you must carry the corresponding equipment and choose a mountaineering bag with excellent performance, which is often the first step to prepare for departure. The mountaineering bag was originally a rucksack used by climbers to load materials and equipment. Because of its scientific design, reasonable structure, convenient loading, comfortable and easy carrying, it is suitable for long-distance travel. The following is an introduction to the selection of mountaineering bags? 1. The outing scene determines the volume of the mountaineering bag. The mountaineering bag can be divided into 20-40L small backpack, 40- 60L medium-sized backpack, 60L or more large backpack. If the travel time is 1-Within 3 days, you can use 20-40L small mountaineering bag. This kind of backpack is usually simple in structure, and there are few external stores. In addition to a main bag, there are usually 3-5 attached bags. If you travel for more than 3 days, you can choose 40- 60L medium-sized backpack, suitable for one night. Large backpacks above 60L are suitable for tents, clothes and other large luggage. If you need to load a large number of items or a large volume, you can choose 80 20 liters of oversized backpacks or backpacks with more external stores. 2, according to the body to choose the size of the backpack system, mountaineering bags are generally backpacks, backpacks are the most important consideration is the backpack system. The carrying system is purchased according to the distance from the shoulder to the waist of the human body. Generally speaking, the most suitable length for mountaineering bags is the shoulder on the ilium and the upper body length of men, so the backpack is focused on the belly, women's backpacks are focused on the waist. Therefore, women's backpacks should not carry large mountaineering bags. When choosing, they should be comfortable and above the waist. 3, the material of the mountaineering bag to choose outdoor activities mountaineering bag, in addition to the shape and color, care about the material of the backpack. The material of the mountaineering bag is generally made of Pu coated nylon fabric. Compared with PVC coating, it will not harden under the sun, and the waterproof and abrasion resistance are superior to PVC. At present, the famous brand mountaineering bags on the market are basically made of Pu coated nylon. 4. The loading function experiment of the mountaineering bag. The mountaineering bag is one of the necessary equipment for outdoor mountaineering and hiking. The reasonable packaging method is not only convenient to take when using the items, but also saves time and space, maximize the use of backpack space and reduce physical exertion. The correct mountaineering packing method is to balance the weight of the things on both sides, put the heavy things on the top, and often put the things on the top, such as mobile phones, facial tissues and biscuits. Nowadays, young people have no time to go to work, and most of them are yearning for travel. Enterprises can use this point to buy a mountaineering bag suitable for mountaineering, mark the company's logo, and organize employees to travel together. It not only enhances the feelings among employees, but also takes the opportunity to publicize the image of the company. Where are the mountaineering bag manufacturers looking? Pesin Outdoor Products Company was established in 2004. It is a luggage customization manufacturer integrating professional design team, excellent sales department and mature production system. It has served various industries and fields for 12 years, it is deeply supported and favored by Coca-Cola, TCL, Kehui medical and other customers for a long time. It is a luggage manufacturer with one-stop luggage and gift service.
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