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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
There are many brands of computer bags, famous and unknown, fake and fake, with dazzling styles and various designs. So, what are the conditions for a quality computer bag? One: The protection ability of the notebook, custom-made computer bag, is to protect the notebook, at least to protect when put into the computer bag, this is very important. If you want to protect your notebook, the impact resistance of the computer bag must be strong enough, otherwise the accidental drop and collision loss will be large. At the very least, the notebook compartment of the computer bag should have a high-density foam sponge interlayer. The foam sponge here should not be too thin or too soft, otherwise it will not play a protective role. The bottom of the computer bag is the place where the impact and vibration are the most, so the bottom of the high-quality computer bag should have anti-shock pad or foam sponge thickening at the bottom. Second, computer bags with high waterproof ability and high quality will be made of materials with certain waterproof ability. The selection of fabrics with anti-splash ability, the computer bags produced by regular manufacturers must pass the water splashing test, and considering that the bottom of the computer bag will contact the wet ground, therefore, high-quality computer bags will be made of completely waterproof materials at the bottom. In addition, the computer bag will also have a rain cover and a special waterproof compartment to maximize the waterproof capability of the computer. Three: the degree of firmness, the importance of the firmness of the computer bag, naturally, the more durable the bag is, the better. Generally, nylon or polyester fiber is used as the fabric, which is the best material for the computer bag. Of course, not all nylon and polyester fibers can be used as bags, and the selection of materials is very particular. The stitching of the bag seam is also directly related to its firmness. There will be a firm stitching line in the key place. The quality of the computer bag will be specially customized and durable zipper and buckle. Four: comfort, carrying a computer bag is not an easy thing, especially when the computer bag is loaded with notebooks and a large number of items. One of the signs of distinguishing the quality of computer bags is the comfort of the backpack. The high-quality computer bag carrying system is ergonomically designed, breathable and perspiration, and can greatly reduce the pressure on the body. With the bar used in the trolley case, the design is very important for many people now, so many manufacturers have begun to start with the design to win the favor of the purchaser. A high quality should have the conditions, Xiaobian is popular here, more information, all in Pesin Outdoor Products Company!
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