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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
In recent years, personalized backpack customization has become more and more popular. Many enterprises will find backpack manufacturers to customize the backpacks they want. All kinds of backpacks are available. Today, pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the common types of backpack customization. Let's learn about it. 1. Customized computer bags. Major Internet companies have a large number of customized computer bags, especially notebook computer sales companies. Most of them are given to customers by buying computers and sending computer backpacks, there are also some custom computer backpacks that are sent to employees as employee benefits. 2, custom tool backpacks, custom tool backpacks are more targeted, generally manufacturers of professional equipment in all aspects, A backpack tailored to give your own equipment or tools a better protection and improve the convenience of the equipment. If the tool backpack is customized, the technical strength requirements of the backpack manufacturer are relatively high, and the good backpack manufacturer can produce the tool backpack with excellent quality. Therefore, if the tool backpack is customized, pay more attention to the choice of backpack manufacturers. 3, custom business backpack, custom this kind of backpack has a wide range of customers, all sizes of enterprises. The number of customizations is also uneven. Because office workers are now carrying business backpacks to and from work, it is very convenient to do subways, so this kind of business backpack has always been very popular. This kind of backpack customized by enterprises basically has two main directions, one is to distribute it to employees as welfare, and the other is to send Conference gifts to participants. 4, custom storage backpacks, custom storage backpacks are generally some retail companies, cosmetics companies, etc. , storage backpacks are mainly used for item storage, so, the capacity requirement is relatively large and the space classification is perfect and reasonable, so that it can be regarded as a qualified storage backpack. 5, custom musical instrument backpacks, the cost of musical instruments is generally high, so a backpack with better protection is required to protect the musical instruments from damage. Most of the musical instrument backpacks are made of hard materials, mainly to protect the instruments that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Companies that can customize this kind of backpack are all musical instrument manufacturers or clubs to find manufacturers to customize, backpacks are used by instrument consumers or music lovers. The above is' What are the common types of backpack customization'Is everyone aware of the relevant introduction? There are many types of backpack customization. The above are only common types. If anyone has a backpack customization requirement, he may as well come to Pesin Outdoor Products Company to customize the manufacturer. Pesin Outdoor Products Company specializes in customizing gift bags, with more than ten years of personalized luggage customization experience, we have our own design board room, leather processing factory, luggage production line, self-inspection QC quality inspection department, e-commerce platform, etc, the main products are backpacks, computer backpacks, student schoolbags, casual men's bags, luggage case, travel bags, tool and instrument bags, etc. The excellent standards of product quality have been highly recognized by the industry, has served thousands of well-known enterprises, such as Huawei, Baidu, Huayi, Chain Home, China Ping An, BYD, etc. , products are widely used in various fields, visible strength, worthy of choice, trustworthy!
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