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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
Luggage wholesale is an essential channel for luggage dealers. For those dealers who have been in the luggage industry for a long time, choosing the right channel for luggage wholesale is a small meaning, but for those newcomers who have just entered the industry, how to find a suitable wholesale channel for bags has become a headache. Therefore, the next Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the channels of luggage wholesale, let's get to know. 1. Offline wholesale, offline Wholesale is the most traditional wholesale method. There are many kinds of luggage styles in major wholesale markets, the well-known luggage wholesale market in China is the guihuagang luggage wholesale market, Hebei Baigou luggage wholesale market, Zhejiang Yiwu luggage wholesale market, Liaoning Nantai luggage wholesale market, these luggage wholesale markets have developed very mature. There are many matching luggage accessories, processing plants and manufacturers around. When dealers wholesale luggage, you can also find suitable manufacturers to customize bags. 2, online wholesale, online wholesale is much simpler, there is a computer can choose your favorite from a large number of bags on the Internet, and you can also compare prices, choose cheap bags for wholesale. Of course, many merchants may beautify the bags because they want to sell well, so the bags received will be different from the pictures on the Internet, therefore, it is best to let the merchant take photos now and send them to you. It is best to let the merchant take more detailed pictures so that you can have a preliminary look at the quality, workmanship and other details of the bag. Wholesale cheap bags must choose the right Factory, Pesin Outdoor Products Company bags can provide you with personalized ODM, OEM custom service, support to map custom, all kinds of bags we can process and produce, pesin Outdoor Products Company is a factory that mainly designs and produces custom-made bags of all kinds of cloth Products. The factory is located in Huadu, covering a total area of 3600 m² square meters. It has been focusing on the research and development of bags and constantly innovating Products, in strict accordance with the standard requirements of luggage quality system management, advanced assembly line production is adopted to ensure the quality!
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