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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
For luggage manufacturers, customers with customized backpacks come from all walks of life. Different industries have different demands for customized backpacks. Today, pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers will sort out the categories of backpack customization for everyone. Let's learn about it together. 1, business backpack customization, customization of this backpack has a wide range of customers, all sizes of enterprises. The number of customizations is also uneven. Because office workers are now carrying business backpacks to and from work, it is very convenient to do subways, so this kind of business backpack has always been very popular. This kind of backpack customized by enterprises basically has two main directions. One is to distribute it to employees as welfare, and the other is to send event gifts or conference gifts to guests. 2, tool equipment backpack customization, this range of use is more small, custom this kind of backpack is all aspects of professional equipment and manufacturers, in order to design a special backpack tailored to the equipment or tools produced by oneself, the purpose is to bring convenience to consumers and improve the image of the product. 3, musical instrument storage backpack, this kind of non-backpack custom is different from other backpacks, most of them are hard materials to protect tens of thousands of dollars of musical instruments. Companies that can customize this kind of backpack are all instrument manufacturers or clubs to find manufacturers to customize. 4, camera backpack customization, this is only the backpack used by professional cameras, and ultimately used by photographers. You often see those backpacks that look like business backpacks that are thick and square on the street, especially those with a tripod on the side. These are camera backpacks. The internal structure is very different from the ordinary backpack. The various activities occupy the space of the entire backpack and are used for some accessories or components such as cameras or lenses. The customization of luggage is approved by Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has focused on the customization of luggage for more than ten years and has rich experience in luggage processing and production. The core production team has an average industry experience of more than 10 years and the factory is fully equipped, with independent design and development capabilities, professional customization of personalized backpacks for customers, serving many big-name enterprises, good reputation is trustworthy!
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