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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-21
Gifts in business activities are indispensable etiquette. Whether in China, the home of etiquette, or in the United States, the following points should be paid attention to when giving business gifts to ensure the completion of business activities, cooperation and relationship are closer. 1. Business gifts should be chosen properly. Gifts should be given well, but refusal is flashy. In fact, many people regard business gifts as a kind of'Bribery'This is a very serious mistake. Luxury goods for business people, if practical is a good item, if it is'Invalid' The business gift is a bribe. If such a bribe is accepted, the next time you want to receive a bigger and more valuable gift, if you don't accept it, maybe there will be no next cooperation after the event. 2. Business gifts should understand the needs of recipients. Business gifts are associated with business people. Business people in the 21st century are also followers of fashion, they pursue fashion trends and style matching in business activities. Therefore, when choosing business gifts, enterprises should consider the living habits of business people and business style gifts, and carefully choose gifts suitable for business people to work/work, in the design of the appearance, it is also necessary to keep up with the trend, so that business people can feel the importance and intimacy of the company, and can promote the relationship between the two sides. 3. The symbolic meaning of business gifts is that choosing to give business gifts not only maintains the relationship between enterprises and customers, but also plays a good role in soft advertising and brings greater benefits to enterprises, this is also an important reason why many enterprises do not hesitate to create various gifts for customers. Therefore, when choosing business gifts, we should pay attention to our own interests and ensure that we can play a role in promoting the brand image in this business gift, that is, adding the brand logo to the gifts, let the recipient remember the Enterprise better. For the choice of business gifts, enterprises can't always make decisions quickly. In fact, it is very simple to choose a briefcase or computer bag that is commonly used by business people and can reflect their own value and taste. Long-lasting practical items such as computer bags/briefcases can not only reduce the cost of gifts, but also print brand image marks on them to achieve long-term corporate brand exposure.
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