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Tips for selecting and filling computer bags- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-06
When customizing the computer bag, the first thing to consider is the function of the computer bag, the strength of the load, the style of the appearance, etc; When filling the computer bag, it is necessary to reasonably and effectively fill the computer bag to have more filling space. The following Pesin Outdoor Products Company will share with you the relevant skills of customizing and filling the computer bag! I. Skills in selecting computer bags 1. Functions: computer bags are generally divided into computer compartments and file compartments. Customized business computer bags mostly consider the classification of documents and business items outside computers, business computer bags and more consideration should be given to the protection of computers. 2. Bearing capacity: the quality of fabrics selected for customized computer bags determines the bearing capacity of computer bags, therefore, when customizing, it is necessary to check whether the specified density of the fabric is up to standard, whether the stress strength of the hook and buckle of the bag body is qualified, and whether the sewing part is fixed by rivets, knots or fork-shaped car lines, etc, whether the bottom is stitched with a better nylon thread and then covered with a nylon webbing. 3, appearance: the appearance of the customized computer bag can be selected according to the company's own preferences, style and shape, and the way to carry can also be customized according to the requirements of the company, for example, one shoulder, double shoulder or pull rod backpack. You only need to tell Pesin Outdoor Products Company what you think about the appearance of customized computer bags. Pesin Outdoor Products Company will have professional luggage designers to listen to your needs and tailor them for you. 4. When customizing the computer bag, don't forget to choose the details of the bag. According to different in-bag designs, it is also possible to deal with different groups. Only bags with more details are good computer bags. Second, the technique of filling the computer bag 1, large-sized, light-weight items can be placed at the bottom, so that the center of gravity is not affected, and the heavier items can be placed in the middle and upper or near the back, the center of gravity can be pressed against the back to avoid the feeling of being pulled back. Cause unnecessary physical burden. 2. Do not place hard objects on the back. Otherwise, if the inner backpack is used, it will directly reach the back and become uncomfortable. If it goes on for a long time, it will cause lumbar pain, even when you fall, you will hurt your back. If it is an outer frame backpack, it is easy to wear out the backpack cloth because the hard articles are separated from the back frame by only one layer of backpack cloth. 3, there is the concept of using the item classification bag, the weight of the items placed on the left and right of the backpack should be similar, so as not to focus on one side. 4, to develop the habit of fixed-point placement, this will not only save the finishing time of the backpack, but also fill the backpack in the dark, however, poor backpack loading will also affect the convenience and comfort of use!
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