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Thinking on luggage customization industry entering e-commerce field

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
E-commerce is increasingly changing the life of Chinese people. The unique characteristics of e-commerce such as convenience, quickness and cheapness pull people's shopping behavior into online shopping, more and more enterprises in the luggage industry are entering the e-commerce field, such as Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin's0. 1 billion yuan' Just like gambling in the past century, e-commerce may account for 50% of the market in the next ten years. Online sales of products seem to be the inevitable choice for product sales? Luggage retail enterprises have already occupied a place in the e-commerce field early, but where should luggage customization enterprises go in the face of e-commerce? Product sales is to transfer valuable products to users at a certain price, so that users can get the value of the products while merchants can get the benefits of the products, that is to say, product sales will eventually enter the process of communication between people. In the network field or directly in the e-commerce field, more and more people have accumulated users, and there will be voices in places where there are people! The demand for luggage customization will certainly appear in this field. In this sense, luggage customization enterprises should enter the e-commerce field to achieve the final sales goal by covering traffic, however, one of the most important problems is that e-commerce means that payment can be made directly through online ordering. The generally popular operation mode in the luggage customization industry is online communication, determine the supply and demand situation between each other to reach a cooperation intention, and the later is the traditional way to conduct transactions, whether it is the OEM of luggage customization or ODM of luggage customization, or the transaction is realized by paying the purchase price through the network third-party payment platform. As for whether the luggage customization industry will enter the e-commerce field, Pesin Outdoor Products Company thinks this is certain, which is mainly based on several factors: 1. The market scale of luggage customization, there are more and more enterprises that need luggage customization, whether it is the internal needs of large and medium-sized enterprises or the customization of luggage with luggage as promotional gifts, even the present gift companies and sales channels of bags are constantly demanding the customization of bags; 2. The regional uncertainty of luggage customization. The enterprises that need to make luggage customization are enterprises all over the country and even all over the world, so the business will not only be limited to the local area, but also to various places, in the case of small business volume of luggage customization, General enterprises will not have additional travel arrangements, so it will mean that it will become a wish to be able to complete independently online; 3. The progress of network operation technology makes it possible for customized bags to enter e-commerce. The most difficult thing for customized bags and other forms of business mode is to solve the problem of mutual trust, if the network platform can become the third guarantee and supervision, and a contract can be signed on the website with a deposit payment, then the business of customizing bags and bags can be completely operated in the mode of e-commerce, this model has been tried before, and since it has been tried, I believe it will certainly develop in the later period. How to operate and implement luggage customization enterprises if they enter the e-commerce field? In fact, this is to analyze back to the characteristics of e-commerce and sales. Sales is to make users or customers believe that they can obtain the needs they want, and sales can meet or even exceed the needs of users, in order to finally reach a deal, confidence display, company history and strength display will be very important. The second is the detailed support of e-commerce shopping, such as clear treatment of pictures, warm reception of shopping guide customers, etc.
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