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The three major fabrics of luggage should be understood

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
In this era, the world of bags has become popular. The feeling of comfort, romance, implication and dream is fully integrated into every bag, whether it is a woman or a man, everyone is excited to have one or even a variety of bags that can set off their own taste. Now the elements of women's bags are quietly entering the makeup of men's bags. Each bag is different in design due to different fabrics. Nowadays, the fabric of the bag can be described as varied, and there are all kinds of cowhide bags, lacquer bags, and sanding bags that can be seen on the market, oxford cloth, nylon cloth bag, artificial leather bag. . . . . . And so on. How can the bag be distinguished from the fabric? At present, bag fabrics on the market can be divided into several categories: the first one is real leather bags, which are real animal fur, such as cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, etc. Now most leather bags are cowhide bags, because the toughness of the cowhide is good, the fabric is firm, because the material of the leather bag is derived from the real material of the animal, so the price is more expensive, but the style is relatively simple. Second, PU material, a kind of artificial leather, most of the bags are this kind of fabric, often said that the kind of patent leather is this kind of fabric, PU fabric is actually used in thousands of kinds, prices vary from low to high, with various styles and high plasticity. However, due to the serious environmental pollution caused by Pu bags in production and the easy scratching and wear in the later use process and the short service life, Pu bags are becoming more and more out of the seller's choice. Third, the fabric is soft, and most of the casual bags use this kind of fabric. It is not afraid of grinding and pressing. In addition, the durability and wear resistance of the fabric itself is also favored by manufacturers and consumers, with the use of modern technology, the waterproof performance of cloth bags is getting stronger and stronger, which makes up for the defect that the cloth itself cannot be waterproof, and it is easy to design various styles on the cloth, therefore, more and more cloth bags have entered the market and become the leading role in the luggage field. The choice of bags is determined according to the purpose and occasion. Different bags should be selected for different purposes. It is said that each woman has at least 8 bags, how many bags are there in your wardrobe?
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