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The promotion of luggage industry depends on brand reliability | Enterprise News information | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ trolley bag _ bag customization, Quanzhou Pesin Outdo

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-28
The relevant information passed by the annual meeting of the leather goods Professional Committee of China Leather Association in 2012 shows that this year, the development of the domestic luggage industry will still face internal and external challenges, and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading is the key to meeting the challenges. The focus of the transformation and upgrading of the luggage industry lies in brand cultivation and construction. Referring to the challenges faced by the luggage industry, Li Yuzhong, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the China Leather Association, pointed out that internally, the cost of products is increasing, and the model of developing by quantity is unsustainable. At present, China's traditional comparative economic advantages are continuously weakening, and the production costs of enterprises are continuously increasing, the development space of the luggage industry is restricted by such factors as low-grade processing capacity surplus, medium and high-grade processing capacity, innovation and brand strength; Externally, China's luggage has a high international share, and the difficulty of high export growth has increased. The high dependence on foreign countries has also increased the risk of business operations. At the same time, foreign brands have poured in, and national brands are struggling. In addition, footwear and clothing brands have also increased their luggage products, which has squeezed the development space of luggage brands. In 2000, China's luggage imports were only 0. 0. 3 billion US dollars, reaching by 2011. 0. 6 billion US dollars, an average annual growth of 45. 2%. The economic operation report of luggage industry issued by China Leather Association pointed out that in 2012, the growth rate of China's luggage industry production and export dropped sharply, to 19 and 31 respectively. 6 percentage points. At the same time, the industry's sales profit margin declined, lower than the industry average and showing a downward trend. From a regional perspective, in terms of total industrial output value, the eastern region still dominates, accounting for 87. 8%; The central region is developing rapidly faster than the eastern region. 6 percentage points, 30 faster than the West. 9 percentage points. From the perspective of enterprise scale, the output value of large and medium-sized enterprises accounts for a large proportion of 51. 3%, while the growth rate of small enterprises is fast, reaching 18. 2%. In response to the challenges faced by China's luggage industry this year, Li Yuzhong stressed that after years of accumulation, China's luggage industry has formed four major advantages, that is, the industrial foundation is good, the industrial chain is complete, the development space is vast and the market potential is huge. According to the prediction of domestic and foreign experts, the first 20 years of this century is still a good opportunity for the development of China's luggage industry, and the whole industry has great potential in the transformation and upgrading. So, how does the domestic luggage industry strengthen brand building and achieve transformation and upgrading? Lai Shiping, the chief representative of the Beijing office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission and the general coordinator of China and the trade promotion commissioner of the Italian embassy in China, attended the annual meeting of the leather Professional Committee of the China Leather Association in 2012, in the speech entitled 'the leading position of Italian leather industry and the success of Italian brands', it provided inspiration and thinking for Chinese counterparts. Lai Shiping said that the roots of the Italian leather industry can be traced back to the Renaissance, when companies left many inventions and techniques. This tradition has influenced the industrial system of Italian leather and footwear industry today. It is characterized by the continuous pursuit of aesthetic schemes and the organic integration of function and quality to meet the needs of various complex consumers. Italians believe that the combination of Craftsman Experience and industrial research can not only produce handmade products on a large scale, but also make industrialized products have the characteristics of handicrafts, thus making the most attractive products. Industrial production in many countries puts the perfection of technological process in the first place, while Italy believes that the most important thing is the perfection of products and regards stable quality and perfection as the pursuit standard. Therefore, Italy's industrial manufacturing ranks second in Europe, while the leather industry ranks first. Italian brands have a common feature, that is,'Italian'They must be original works. Of course, the success of Italian brands depends on many factors. The success of small and medium-sized enterprises also depends on their professional level and competitive processing technology system. They usually adopt cluster development and establish cooperative network advantages, timely and effective innovation in technology, organization and marketing. Italy has firmly established its brand image and solid leadership position, and is the pioneer of brand creation. It is reported that this year, the China Leather Association will strengthen the implementation of the brand development strategy in the luggage industry, and strive to find a breakthrough from the improvement of the standard system and the revision of the system. Among them, in the revision of the standard, according to the characteristics of the product itself, considering the daily habits of consumers, combining the particularity of the process and materials, taking the end use of the product as the basic principle, highlight the applicability and practicability of the standard to meet the needs of the market. In addition, China Leather Association will also actively start the development and construction of characteristic regions and markets, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Italian luggage industry in product design, brand management, market expansion and industrial development, make the development of the industry leap to a new stage.
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