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The new bag smells big, and the free formaldehyde exceeds the standard- Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-05
Half a month before the start of the fall semester in 2019, many parents have already started to buy new schoolbags for their children. I wonder if parents have noticed such a phenomenon, that is, newly bought schoolbags often have a great taste. Why is the taste of new schoolbags so big? Is there any reason for this? Pesin luggage manufacturers are here to remind parents:' The new bag smells big, and the free formaldehyde exceeds the standard', Let's take a look at the specific introduction. The smell of the new book package is not necessarily caused by excessive formaldehyde, but may also be caused by the use of other chemical materials in the production process, however, if the bag is printed with inferior ink in the production process, formaldehyde may be produced. Therefore, parents should be wary of the bag with strong smell when purchasing the bag. Formaldehyde is a colorless, irritating and water-soluble organic substance. Frequent inhalation of a small amount of formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning. Materials containing formaldehyde will gradually release formaldehyde during use, causing respiratory tract inflammation and skin inflammation through human respiratory tract and skin contact, eye irritation and even cancer, it is very harmful to human health. Schoolbags are items that children need to contact for a long time. If they are exposed to schoolbags with excessive formaldehyde for a long time, it will inevitably affect the health of children. Therefore, when parents buy schoolbags, in order to prevent accidents, they must choose schoolbags with certificates. If the smell is particularly heavy, it is best not to buy them, schoolbags may emit irritating gases or excessive substances that are harmful to the human body. At the same time, try to choose a simple and elegant student bag. This kind of schoolbag may introduce harmful substances such as heavy metals in the printing and dyeing process, which will be relatively reduced. According to national standard QB/T1333- 2018 student book bag, the limit of free formaldehyde is 300 mg/kg, when the test value is greater than this number, it proves that the bag formaldehyde exceeds the standard, such a bag is absolutely not for children to use. For newly purchased schoolbags, if there is a little smell, you can clean and dry them first, which will help remove the residual substances from the schoolbag materials. Bags are purchased and customized. Please look for Pesin luggage manufacturers. Bags made by Pesin Outdoor Products Company are made of selected excellent materials to ensure that the materials are environment-friendly, healthy, nontoxic and harmless, and Products that satisfy customers are made, the Products produced by Pesin Outdoor Products Company all conform to the light industry standard of the People's Republic of China (QB/T1333-2018) ', Can issue relevant test reports, visible product quality and service, worthy of choice, trustworthy.
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