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The name of the part on the bag is called (Last article) | Luggage customization common sense | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ pull rod?

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-29
Luggage is closely related to our life and work. Whether it is going to work on a business trip, leisure travel or shopping on the streets, bags are indispensable, ranging from luggage case to handbag, change bag, card bag, etc, we all use bags. As an ordinary consumer, he cares about the style, function, price and other information of the bag, but for those who purchase and need to customize the bag, in addition to these basic information, if you want to customize a bag with good quality and low price, you must master the common sense of these professions. Only in this way can we communicate more accurately and achieve the ideal effect of customizing bags. Therefore, the small Editor of Pesin Outdoor Products Company has specially sorted out the names and terminology of the parts on these bags to learn and share with everyone. Front panel, rear panel: generally refers to the front and rear body parts of the luggage, also known as the front panel and the rear panel. Large body: the front frame and the rear frame are connected to the bottom. Plug: a three-dimensional structure formed by the side parts of bags and handbags and the bottom of bags, also known as side panels, horizontal heads and side walls. Large body circumference: a part that is integrated with the side plug and the bottom. Side circumference: the side part that forms the large body circumference. Bottom circumference: the bottom part that forms the large body circumference. Skin: decorative parts on the bag body. Including: top, middle, bottom, side, cover, corner, inner, bottom, etc. As a professional manufacturer of customized luggage, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has 11 years of experience in luggage customization. It designs and samples free of charge according to the needs of the enterprise, pursues perfect workmanship and provides high-quality services. Bottom sticker: Bottom of the bag, bottom of the bag. Internal stickers: corresponding objects inside various bags. Zipper sticker: one or two leather parts for sewing zipper. Large body circumference: Large body circumference is a three-dimensional component generated when the structure is shrunk into a circle compared with the front and rear contours, which can form different hierarchical effects, one or two pieces are called big body stickers, and three pieces are called big body side stickers and big body stickers. Horizontal head circumference: a small skin part with a three-dimensional structure formed by a few independent side parts deep into the package. Today, I will say this first about the name of the part on the bag. Of course, there are many professionals, experts and scholars in the luggage industry. Xiaobian is here to make an axe, and also ask the experts to give more advice. I will sort out some more later and continue to learn with you.
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