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The most perfect luggage customization process- Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturer

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-03
The important role of luggage in people's daily life has long been self-evident. Whether individuals, enterprises or gift companies, their thirst for luggage is increasing day by day, personalized luggage customization is also the most popular way in today's market, so since everyone is so fond of luggage, I must also want to know the customization process of luggage. As a person in the luggage industry, I learned that Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a Company with professional design and research team, perfect after-sales service system and complete production quality management system, then let's take a look at their luggage customization process? 1. Three Ways of cooperation, the first way of cooperation: Independent choice- Select the template according to the original development template provided by Pesin. After looking at the physical template, confirm the customized product requirements based on the template. The second way of cooperation: entrusted development-- According to their own requirements and demands, they should provide Pesin with relevant explanations and intentions. Pesin designers should provide product design manuscripts, which should be confirmed by customers. Customers should confirm the design proposal, and Pesin version room should conduct physical proofing of products, the customer confirms the physical sample. The third way of cooperation: sample customization-- The customer provides the existing sample, and Pesin customizes the product according to the sample requirements. 2. The minimum order quantity of each product is 500. If the customer demand quantity is lower than the minimum order quantity, the unit price will be slightly increased. However, you can communicate and negotiate with the salesman according to your actual situation. 3. For product quotation, customers can check the style on the website first, and then contact the salesman for quotation according to their needs; If it is the customer's own style, it is best to provide a physical sample so that the quotation personnel can calculate the accurate price. The final price is subject to the written contract to confirm the sample price, and the order quantity is more favorable. Note: quotation generally does not include freight and tax. If tax bill is required: 17% VAT plus 10-12 o'clock. 4. Product proofing. All luggage styles can be made according to the physical samples provided by customers. Cloth materials can be selected according to customer requirements to control the unit price of products. Generally, fabrics of conventional colors are available in stock, special colors need to be customized for large quantities. The proofing time for ordinary bags is 3- 5 days or so special package/trolley case proofing time 7-About 15 days. Proofing fee is charged 300 according to the complexity of the product-500-1000 yuan, return after placing an order. 5, order contract, both parties confirm the order product style, quantity, unit price, color, material, delivery time, etc. , and then sign the order contract. All matters shall be subject to the provisions of the contract. 6. Production time. Generally, the production time of ordinary bags with spot fabrics is about 15 days. If the goods are very urgent, priority can be given to production according to the arrangement of orders in the workshop and delivery should be made as early as possible. Special package/trolley case such as material and color need to be customized, production time is 25-About 30 days. 7, packaging, a single product by OPP bag (Transparent plastic bag) Packaging, single into plastic bags, according to the bag different suitable quantity packing; The outer box is made of A = A corrugated cardboard box, which is packed around to prevent product damage during transportation. 8, the mode of transportation, can be consignment. Foreign customers are free to choose transportation logistics (Can specify door-to-door delivery or payment collection)No shipping costs. 9. Payment method: 30% deposit shall be paid in advance when placing an order. Goods can be inspected by our factory before delivery, and delivery shall be arranged after the balance of 70% is paid off. You can also choose to handle the payment collection business of logistics companies such as Debon, and go to the local logistics company to check the goods before paying for the goods. 10, after-sales service, lifetime free working hours warranty. The above is the customization process of Pesin Outdoor Products Company's customized manufacturers. It is worth learning for each manufacturer, and it is also the key point for choosing customized manufacturers to pay attention to and refer.
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