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The main factors affecting backpack customization- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-10
As a customer, when looking for a bag manufacturer to customize a backpack, the most concerned thing is the price of the backpack. At the beginning, I went straight to the theme, and I started to quote the sample bag. In fact, the valuation of the picture is usually inaccurate. The price of the backpack is related to the structure of the backpack, the lining of the fabric, the size and shape, the hardware accessories, the complexity of the workmanship, the number of customizations, etc, it is really difficult to quote the exact price with only one sample picture. The following is a summary of some of the main factors related to backpack customization. Although the amount of materials used to make a model for backpack customization is small, it should be in stock as a material supplier. For example, when buying leather, suppliers will have the lowest quantity, one foot, two feet or one piece. When making a sample, there will be extra materials left, which will become inventory. Often the more delicate the backpack, the more complicated the work, the more processes, the more manual work, resulting in increased labor costs. High prices bring high quality. Sometimes, a small number of customized backpack materials and requirements are special, such as color or texture requirements are the same as their own, rare hardware, increasing the difficulty of finding materials. When you are lucky, the purchase is completed in less than half a day, and when you are not lucky, you can't find it all day. Of course, this is also related to the familiarity of the purchasing individual's business, but it should be noted that it takes a lot of energy, time and labor to find the board materials.   The number of customized backpacks is most often ignored by customers. They think that a batch of backpacks are also made one by one, and it doesn't matter if they are more or less. This is not the case. As a backpack manufacturer, there is a minimum order quantity requirement. If the order quantity is not met, the goods cannot be made. The complexity of the processing flow is often beyond the customer's imagination. If the quantity is not enough for a batch of order quantity, the preparation of the first processing link cannot be completed. If the customized quantity is reached, the more the customized quantity is, the natural cost will be greatly reduced no matter from material preparation, cutting to processing. More backpack customization consulting do in Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been focusing on backpack customization for 12 years. It is an old brand luggage factory in Guangdong. It has strong production strength, complete workshop equipment and novel Products. It has been recognized by the industry with its integrity, strength and product quality, it is the luggage manufacturer you deserve to entrust!
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