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The difference between mountaineering backpack and ordinary backpack- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
Mountaineering backpack, as its name implies, is used for mountaineering, but correctly speaking, the scientific name of mountaineering bag is outdoor leisure backpack. Do you understand the obvious difference between outdoor leisure backpacks and ordinary leisure backpacks? If you still don't know, then you must understand and understand, in order to get twice the result with half the effort. A mountaineering backpack and a leisure backpack have different functions. The contact between outdoor activities and nature is the most direct and collision, the difference between mountaineering backpacks and leisure backpacks is that mountaineering backpacks are designed to protect objects from damage. The choice of materials is very different. Let's imagine. If you are always in contact with the wall rocks when climbing the mountain, the mountaineering backpack at this time should have strong and strong wear resistance to fight against it; Let's assume that if it rains outdoors, the mountaineering backpack at this time should have a waterproof effect to really protect the items in the backpack from touching the water and getting wet. If it comes again, it will be the problem of moisture resistance. Therefore, mountaineering backpacks are generally made of high-strength nylon ( Note: the choice of plaid army green is to match the colors of nature and better match) After that, it is necessary to choose the waterproof nylon material to be the best material choice for mountaineering backpacks, in order to play its basic role in the outdoor. Second, the design of mountaineering backpacks is different from that of leisure backpacks. Leisure backpacks are commonly used in life. They are usually filled with leisure backpacks of different styles in cafes, pedestrian streets and wardrobes of many women, speaking of the main features, casual backpacks are used as decorations and are fashion strikers. Although the mountaineering backpack wants to pursue fashion, what is more important is its functional design, that is, the design of the carrying system. Choose the breathability of the backpack's carrying system from the back; The design of shoulder strap, chest strap and waistband, if designed with these four types, can help you reduce the load-bearing capacity and more comfort brought by mountaineering backpacks outdoors. Three mountaineering backpacks are different from leisure backpacks in storage. Storage is the most basic mission of each backpack, but it is still different. The birth of the leisure backpack is to be able to pack books on weekdays, with carry-on items, and mainly for decoration; The mountaineering backpack is designed to equip the things used outdoors, such as tents, clothing, toiletries, rain gear and other supplies. At this time, the storage capacity is very large, therefore, mountaineering backpacks generally have a lot of small plaid bags on the front of the backpack, and there will be grid bags on both sides. Mountaineering backpacks are selected according to their size. You can choose the appropriate backpack size according to your travel time, travel theme and travel items. In addition, there are some commonly used accessories for mountaineering backpacks, mainly rain covers and consignment bags. However, if you want to choose a mountaineering bag that is professional and suitable for your needs for welfare and yourself, you may as well use the method of luggage customization to complete your imagination.
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