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The cutting process of luggage making- Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization factory

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-28
The cutting process of luggage is the first process in the production process of luggage. The quality of cutting directly affects the quality of luggage and the cost of luggage. Therefore, cutting is one of the more technical processes. The cutting process is divided into machine cutting and manual cutting. Now the factory commonly uses machine cutting, because it is simpler and more accurate than manual cutting. The machine cutting is mainly to separate the skin by using the forming knife edge die and the pressure of the cutting machine. The machine cutting is suitable for small-area parts and components and mass production. Its advantages are neat rules of the cut parts, high production efficiency and low labor intensity. The cutting process is applied to the accessories cutting materials, main materials cutting materials and auxiliary materials of luggage. When different cutting materials have different requirements for cutting materials. When the accessories are cut, wear gloves to ensure that the ingredients are clean, and prevent damage, friction, color difference, etc. when the ingredients are cut; The accuracy of main material cutting should be considered, so workers are required to be skilled, have a full and detailed understanding of the quality requirements of parts and parts, and be familiar with the production process of luggage products. Preparation for cutting--Blanking--The main ingredients are cut. The first thing to do is to understand the requirements of each component and component of the product. Check whether the cutter die meets the requirements, whether the chopping board is thick, uniform, free from unevenness, cracking and other phenomena, and check the operation of the machine and adjust it. Blanking is directly a machine operation. We are more concerned with cutting, focusing on leather cutting. The cutting of artificial leather is much simpler than that of natural leather, because its surface is rarely disabled, and there is no color difference on the same roll of artificial leather, with regular shape and uniform strength. Before cutting, the artificial leather reel is placed on the bracket. When cutting large-area parts, there are sometimes some wrinkles on both sides of the artificial leather. Therefore, the two sides of the artificial leather should be cut off before cutting, make the surface flat, the edge is not wrinkled, and then arrange the sample to achieve reasonable layout. Cut the material on the glass table, the fiber side is flattened upwards, and the material is cut according to the template. When cutting the strip parts, components or linear materials, the artificial leather can be folded several layers and cut on the paper cutter. The above is the cutting process of luggage making. Understanding the cutting process and choosing a suitable luggage making factory more accurately is one aspect worth learning for enterprise luggage gift purchasing.
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