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The customized production process of luggage case- Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturer

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-07
Trolley case customization is a technical activity, which requires more machine support than bags, and the process of trolley case customization also has strict requirements. If we want to customize the trolley case, when choosing the trolley case manufacturer, we can judge whether it belongs to an excellent trolley case manufacturer according to the customized production process of their trolley case, before that, we should understand the customized production process of luggage case. 1. Trolley case template selection. Customized trolley case we can choose the manufacturer's sample, you can also re-open the mold. Generally, the mold opening of the trolley case is a hard trolley case, and the mold opening time of the hard trolley case is 2-Three weeks. Choosing a manufacturer's template can save a high mold opening fee (The opening fee of the trolley case is twice that of the backpack) If you are re-opening the mold, the first thing is to prepare the design drawings ( Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers will help you design luggage case drawings and then make samples)And handed it to the cutting department. The cutters use a piece of sample (Front, back, left and right templates of the bag), In the selected material (Cowhide PU leather linen, etc)The construction can be made the same as the sample. Of course, mechanical blanking can also be used, but some samples will not be standard if cut mechanically, and the lathe workers will deform back and forth. 2. Luggage case logo selection. If you choose to customize the hard trolley case, you need to voltage a trolley case logo position when opening the mold. This is to prepare for the trolley case hardware opening, or to select the watermark logo, and then select color printing when opening the mold. If you choose soft luggage case, luggage case logo can choose metal mold opening, silk screen printing, voltage and other types, then logo customization can be specially arranged for a lathe worker to customize luggage case logo when the main material of luggage case gets on the train station. 3. Trolley case accessories selection. In the production of trolley case, accessories are one of the most critical links. If there is no well-designed hardware fittings, it means that the trolley case manufacturer cannot customize a good trolley case. We mainly start with hardware for luggage case accessories. The most important part of the fifth hardware accessories lies in die casting. The use of die casting machine is not complicated but requires technology. Only experienced press masters can well control the pressure, if the pressure is too light, the hardware fittings will be uneven and smooth, and if the pressure is too large, burrs will appear. Therefore, from the trolley case hardware, we can also see the professionalism of the staff of the trolley case manufacturer. The slider of the trolley case is observed by die casting and polishing. Polishing determines whether the appearance of the trolley case is high-grade, and the trolley case as a high-grade gift certainly cannot become a failure on the slider. If the trolley case has a sparkling feeling, then the slider needs to be highly polished, and then electroplated, and the shiny effect can appear. The foot piece of the trolley case is to fix the trolley case to make it more durable and more stylish. Therefore, the luggage case foot piece should be tested for shaking and unstable conditions. If not, you can rest assured. The lock head of the luggage case mainly checks the fit between the lock head and the surface of the luggage case, the pressure resistance of the lock head itself and the flexibility of changing the password of the lock head. 4. Luggage case packaging. When the trolley case is formed, it should be checked. After checking, it is confirmed that there is no problem. If the trademark is packaged, it will be completed. Professional luggage case manufacturers have strict packaging requirements, such as Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers. Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers will customize a batch of POLYBAG plastic bags for packaging each trolley case, and customize trolley case cardboard boxes, binding and packaging, and then deliver them to customers for confirmation by the special car of Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers.
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