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The correct back of the backpack is inseparable from health- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
The backpack has a shoulder bag, a diagonal bag and a backpack. For our life, backpacks are used next to the skin. From a fashion point of view, backpacks can make us one of the focus tools. Such inseparable partners are actually ours. 'Health killer'. According to official statistics, 65% of people in daily life have a backpack weight of more than. The most typical ones are undoubtedly primary and secondary school students and office workers who run around every day. Such a heavy burden is pressed on the body day after day, which is an obstacle to the child's growth and a trauma to the body. Office workers are also particularly prone to physical problems due to work reasons. If such a backpack for a long time is completely harmful to the health of office workers. The following are the three major cases affecting the body. People with sore neck and shoulder, sitting in front of a computer for a long time and carrying a big bag, are often the most prominent people with shoulder and neck pain and numbness and weakness of shoulders and hands, if the backpack is too heavy, the neck will unconsciously lean to one side, stretching the muscles while tightening, which will easily lead to pain. Secondly, overweight backpacks will also cause long-term compression of shoulder and back muscles, such as trapezius muscle and scapularis muscle, which may lead to chronic strain. High and Low shoulders, when carrying a single shoulder bag, because the unilateral shoulder has to bear a large gravity, the shoulder and neck will unconsciously lift up, and in order to prevent the bag from slipping down, this kind of lifting may be more serious. If you use one of the shoulders for a long time, it will cause ugly high and low shoulders. Spine bending, Hunchback, scoliosis, lumbar disc herniation, spinal arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, etc. , may be caused by heavy backpack. If you carry a large bag of about 5 kilograms on your left shoulder, the muscles on the right side of the spine will produce 15- Only 20 kg of strength can maintain the balance of the body. This imbalance of muscle tissue will pull the spine to cause bending, strain and inflammation. If you have a backpack for a long time, experts suggest that whether it is a shoulder bag, a shoulder bag or a diagonal bag, do not use it too frequently in life, and use it in rotation among the three, the ability to shape the body will be more relaxed, reducing shoulder and neck injuries.
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