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The Corona virus effects China factories

This moment, if your orders are made in China, there will be some problems which you need to think carelly before you have the containers:


1: If your order's shipment date is on April, so it will surely be effected, as all factories are still closed till Feb.16, and it is not the finally confirmed opening time.

It is not the finally confirmed opening date, if the virus continues, the opening date will be delayed again.


2: As per USA Customs, All shipments from China after Jan20 need to be inspected before the ships ashore.

This inspection will take days, but nobody can know the exact days it will take.

But I don't know what Russia Customs will do for the coming containers.

Just hope it won't effect your arrived containers.


3: If you want to place some new orders this moment, just try to place the orders as early as possible.

There are so many orders are effected and delayed by this virus, and once the factories open, all will Clashed and it will be a disaster.

So more early your orders can be confirmed, more safe your target shipment date will be.


So all these points waiting for your attention, and just hope all your orders are going well in China this moment.


And if possible, my Burma bags factory can help you on your new orders.

14 producing lines, 

Each line is with 39 workers,

with total 700 workers there in Burma


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