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The coating process of luggage fabric in Quanzhou luggage factory- Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-02
First: according to the requirements of the coating, the Quanzhou luggage factory will separate the cloth according to the cylinder number compiled by the dyeing factory, clean the silk car and keep the silk car clean, prevent dust and stains from being adsorbed on the cloth, spread the first cloth in the silk car, pull out the two heads of the cloth, leave about 2 meters, and write the cylinder number of the cloth on the cloth head, then spread the second piece of cloth on top of the first piece, pull out the two heads of the cloth, leaving, and write the cylinder number of the cloth on the head of the cloth, and so on will be 3rd, 4th ,. . . . . . Spread in the silk car in order. Continue until the shop is full and then change the silk car. Second: the sewing head Quanzhou luggage factory pushes the number of the silk car to the edge of the sewing machine, and lays a clean cloth on the ground between the silk car and the sewing machine, put the sewn head to keep it clean, and the head of the cloth is connected with a sewing machine. Note that the heads of every two pieces of cloth are connected to form a whole piece of cloth, that is, the top and bottom two heads are not connected, and the other two adjacent heads are connected, push the silk cart with the sewing head to the front of the coating machine. Third: Quanzhou luggage factory should first do a good job in the hygiene of the coating machine before preparing the coating. Ensure the cleaning of the cloth when coating. All coating machine guide cloth stick, drying room, winding, etc. should be cleaned. And sprinkle water in the workshop to prevent electrostatic adsorption of dust. Place the silk cart at the designated position in front of the coating machine, place a basket for the head on the side of the silk cart, and arrange the heads of the cloth on the silk cart and put them in the basket in order. Wear the lead cloth on the coating machine, connect the tail of the lead cloth with the head on the silk car with a sewing machine, start the machine, and open the joint to the position of the coating knife, change the coated knife as required and adjust the gap between the knife edges. Adjust the position of the slurry board. When the Quanzhou luggage factory is preparing for the coating, according to the requirements of the coating, the sizing engineer will prepare the slurry according to the requirements of the process sheet formula, and stir the prepared slurry with a beater, and stir it evenly for later use, set the temperature control switch to the specified temperature and raise the temperature. After the temperature rises to the specified temperature, turn on the exhaust. Pour the prepared slurry onto the bottom plate of the coated knife, start the machine and start coating. Fourth: check the Quanzhou luggage factory to put the coated cloth behind the cloth inspection machine. And lay a clean cloth on the ground to keep clean, wear the cloth on the large roll on the cloth inspection machine as required, turn on the power supply of the cloth inspection machine, turn on the lights, and start the cloth inspection machine, mark the defects on the cloth as required and make a record. Fifth: Packaging and rolling Quanzhou luggage factory will cut the roll according to the customer's requirements and mark the code list. At the two ends of the cloth roll, the waist seal and the wheat head will be attached according to the customer's requirements. The plastic film bag will be placed on the outside of the cloth roll and the two ends will be knotted, stack the packed cloth rolls on the boards in sequence. And write the customer name, specifications, etc. As for the finished products, they need to be stacked neatly, and the finished products will be recorded in the warehouse.
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