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The best year-end employee purchasing welfare plan for luggage customization | Enterprise News | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ trolley bag _ bag customization, Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Produ

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Near the end of the year, the turnover rate of enterprise employees is slowly increasing. Generally speaking, the higher the turnover rate of a company, the higher the management cost and replacement cost of the company, which will have a great negative impact on the employees, therefore, enterprises must pay attention to and master the control of turnover rate. How should we reduce the employee turnover rate as a business leader? First, the company finds out the reasons for resignation. Young people are the new future of the company. We mainly talk about young employees. Young employees do not have small families, and most of them are single. Under the condition that money and working environment are satisfied, there is another point that common enterprises are not satisfied with, that is freedom. Nowadays, many young people yearn for travel. Due to social pressure and their own confusion, travel is the most direct and effective way to reduce blood pressure and know themselves. Second, organize enterprise travel activities. As an enterprise, when the needs of consumers change, we should change together, and treat employees as well. Since the enterprise knows the greatest needs of employees, it can organize employees to go on an outing from time to time, or organize a change of environment on weekdays and work in enjoyment. Such activities can increase the team spirit among employees, thus improving employees' positive attitude towards the enterprise and work. The activities of the enterprise do not need to be too luxurious, only need to give a chance to go out. Three gifts to promote corporate image, what can companies do in organizing travel? Of course there are employee benefits. The so-called happiness should be given at the right time to produce corresponding effects. The backpack is naturally indispensable in travel. The company customizes a batch of backpacks and considers the problem of travel storage for employees. Backpack customization can control the cost of gifts while giving employees practical benefits according to the styles most employees like. The biggest feature of custom backpacks is corporate brand promotion. The company chooses employee benefits at the end of the year, and customizes a backpack based on the corporate logo. Whether it is a group trip or a family visit, it gives employees practical benefits to make employees feel valued and increase their sense of belonging. Due to the durability of the backpack, it can be reused in subsequent activities, and the brand of the company will be widely promoted in the circle of employees' friends.
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