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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-01
When it comes to customization, of course, it inevitably refers to people-oriented. Today, the small Editor of Pesin Outdoor Products Company will tell you about the concept of luggage customization. In daily life, there are dozens of kinds of bags used by individuals, but backpacks, suitcases, briefcases, etc. are commonly used. At present, in the market, as the customization of personalized high-end bags, these three categories of products are also the mainstay. Customization is the product of the combination of personal aesthetic habits and Brand Style. Its essence lies in the process of adaptive adjustment of design under the condition that consumers are unwilling to change their inherent habits. Consumers participate in the design independently, making the luggage products more in line with the group's image and making it different. Luggage customization is a product specially made for the right person at the right time and on the right occasion. It is an exclusive product. People-oriented is the foundation of customization. In fact, the customization of luggage takes into account factors such as the use occasion, company image and use, so as to make the relationship between luggage and personal temperament, luggage and dress, luggage and company image more harmonious and perfect, it reflects the connotation and purpose of the owner's enterprise in detail. Customized bags, according to the needs of various groups of consumers, can achieve the pragmatism that the design elements are simple enough to be simple; The design and decoration without use value can be completely removed, while the necessary and finishing decoration will be kept for perfection. Since luggage customization is designed for specific needs, all its designs and productions are based on the people-oriented premise, reflecting health and aesthetic concepts. To customize high-grade luggage, the first thing to do in the manufacturing process of customized luggage is to be meticulous. Only when the process goes to the extreme and complete can the products be done well and the design connotation be displayed. Luggage customization should not only have a superb set of hand-made techniques, use environmentally friendly and superior luggage materials, and be supplemented by appropriate and reliable luggage hardware, but also concentrate on the whole production process, keep improving. More luggage information'Scan and pay attention'
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